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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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"I want people to think back on their time with Bookmark as a memorable episode in their lives and to tell friends we are not just taking folks on a typical tour.
| ||This picture was being used as a bookmark in a book donated to the BIG Little Library at Belle Vale Shopping centre, inset, the writing on the back of the photo, inset bottom
Bookmark standard settings typically involve three rounds, similar to many Angoff standard settings.
Alternatively Linkman Pro includes the ability to synchronize its XML bookmark databases between different computers.
* Bookmarks in Briefs and Appendices --Much like hyperlinks in a table of contents, bookmarks are navigation tools that allow readers to quickly jump to any part of a PDF.
The features to like, add comments or bookmarks or sharing the links to other platforms via Funicious Club gives users the freedom of use.
The volume bookmarks are collapsed at the chapter level allowing users to navigate to all chapters within a single volume file; and the Regulation file bookmarks are collapsed at the volume level allowing users to navigate to any volume.
A blue bookmark at the bottom of the screen means that the work package is bookmarked.
The favourites will be stored in a file called bookmark.htm which can then be moved or imported elsewhere.
A traditional bookmark, a gift associated with reading, has been designed to commemorate this year's weeklong event to help raise funds for the festival.
Shared bookmarks represent a natural and powerful extension of web navigation tools which provides a mix of direct advice, given by the bookmark's proposers, and indirect guidance deriving from the preferences expressed by the other users (Millen et al., 2007).
The Springfield Public Library has selected eight young artists as the winners of the 2012 Children's Bookmark Contest.
After you have your poem written, make a bookmark. Write your poem on the bookmark.
New bookmark storing website announced on Tuesday that it has officially launched.
Each child is given a bookmark with space on the back for four book titles and their parent's signature.