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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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Users have requested an upgrade to Connotea that would allow individuals to send only select bookmarks to the groups to which they belong.
We are looking for people or organizations to create their own AIDS bookmark lists, so that we can include them in our group.
As regional winners, their bookmarks will be printed by Pentel of America, Ltd.
We thought it was important to commemorate the year 2000 at the school and decided a bookmark would be a nice way of encouraging the children to read.
She's passing on the bookmark bug to her 10-year-old grandaughter Chloe, who is building up her own collection.
New, revamped bookmarks are from today part of the Opera for Windows and Mac web browser.
Reminders can be set with each bookmark for users not to forget.
The bookmarks were judged on their originality, design, and reproducibility.
Coventry Technical College student Martin Law, who came up with the bookmark design as part of a challenge to students on his design course, handed over the 2,000 markers to the children.
GLENDALE - Twenty-two Glendale students were selected as winners of the Glendale Public Library Bookmark Contest.
The PageKeeper[R] Automatic Bookmark is made of a metal clip and spring finger, which grips the page being read.
Libraries ACT and volunteer knitters have today celebrated the completion of Canberra's longest bookmark project, an ACT National Year of Reading initiative.
PDF Bookmarks allows users to create bookmarks within their PDF documents, allowing them to bookmark any word, phrase or page in the document so that they can be easily located.