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a maker of books

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a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races)


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Confidence that the bookmaker is running a sound and upright business and trust that they will pay should our bet be winning one.
Commenting on the launch Stephen Little said, " Betmart is a very exciting development as it is the first time any bookmaker has been so committed to backing exchange betting.
It has the highest brand awareness of any bookmaker in the UK and has reinvented the betting shop experience with a PS25 million annual investment in design and technology since 2001.
The proportion of total stakes the bookmaker could expect to return would be 95 per cent multiplied by 95 per cent, which is 90 per cent.
HANLEY filed false tax returns for Hanley Moving and Storage for the tax years 1997 through 1999, each of which contained false expenses relating to the bookmaker and/or the bookmaker's wife being employees of the business and other loan payments to the bookmaker as business expenses, all of which HANLEY knew were false.
Its free BookMaker software has been downloaded by over 750,000 people.
However, in this case, Mr Justice Hogan has vindicated the common-sense viewpoint, argued by the Irish National Bookmakers Association, that bookmaker seniority should have been maintained at a venue where the new facilities occupied the same physical location as the old turf course.
According to the prosecutor, the evidence would have shown that the business's tax return for the year 1996, signed by HANLEY under penalties of perjury, falsely reflected the payment of $32,760 in wages to the bookmaker, and also claimed, falsely, an additional $49,440 in loan interest payments to the bookmaker as insurance expenses for the business.
Platform gives Sky Italia viewers the ability to place bets through two of Italy's leading bookmakers, Snai and Italbet, across a range of sports and betting combinations.
Mulvaney Bookmakers bet without the favourite as usual on the two races, where Hegarty fielded just [euro]350 and [euro]325.
Centrebet Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 and was the first licensed bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere to offer online sports betting, launched in 1996.
LONDON -- Orbis, an NDS company, the provider of the industry leading OpenBet interactive gambling platform today announced a new contract with leading independent bookmaker and gaming group, Victor Chandler.
Asian bookmaker SAMVO will benefit from Orbis's single account, single solution technology platform.
We want to avoid any difficult situations on course and would therefore encourage any bookmaker who hasn't returned the licence but wishes to stand at either a Northern or Arena racecourse to do so as soon as possible and certainly before September 1.
Ladbrokes, the world's largest bookmaker, has announced today that its interactive betting service will now be available on the BSkyB Sky Active service.