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someone who loves (and usually collects) books

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While most modern houses don't have space for a dedicated library, art and architecture lecturer Dr Alan Powers says booklovers can still find stylish ways to show off their collections.
He expressed the hope that the students, teachers and booklovers would get full benefit of book exhibition on the Islamian campus.
However, if that is the only book fair you're aware of, then you have missed out on a great event for booklovers.
It's just been published and is already being read by booklovers via Amazon kindle and other e-Readers.
Highly recommended for older readers and booklovers.
As booklovers, we all know how a certain literary work can entice you into new and unexpected reading -- how discovering a book by one author can lead you to a different writer whose books you wouldn't previously have thought of tackling.
The Moseley mum has launched a brand new electronic bookshop created for children - and their parents - to ensure they become fully fledged booklovers of the future.
Built by booklovers for booklovers, the Kobo Touch offers a best-in-class reading experience, with an amazing touch experience that uses Infrared Touch Technology, allowing readers to easily swipe or tap to turn pages.
We are also promoting the idea of donating books in order to encourage the concept of sharing books that people have already read and creating a community of booklovers.
Booklovers consider the fair to be a golden opportunity.
Ruthin's restored town house Nantclwyd y Dre is throwing open its parlour to a Writers' Fair where booklovers can meet and talk with published local writers in a relaxed and informal setting.
BOOKLOVERS can win the chance to hear journalist Kate Adie read extracts from her new book.
Bahrain is known for being home to a variety of cultures and booklovers, the Premier said.
BOOKLOVERS are rejecting romance and choosing gritty crime thrillers instead, a survey revealed yesterday.