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Synonyms for booklet

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Synonyms for booklet

a small book usually having a paper cover

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The booklet was believed to have been provided to commanding officer-level military authorities, said Lee, an assistant professor at Kansai University.
Also included in The Caddy Club booklet are 34 golf vouchers that enable you to play `2 for 1' or `Half Price' golf on great courses throughout Scotland.
The booklet then explains what the PSA test reveals and discusses its accuracy, the additional testing that follows a positive result, and the implications of a false-positive or false-negative result.
'The introductory remarks of the learned Ombudsman in the Booklet further affirms that the expression 'harassment' has been grossly misinterpreted by extending the meaning beyond the definition contained in section 2(h) of the Act of 2010,' reads the verdict.
His success has motivated me to create this booklet."
The booklet will guide them on how to approach it through legal means.'
In terms of financial conditions, the Minister of Housing said the price per metre in each city is determined in the conditions booklet, adding that the applicant has to first pay the price that represents the down payment.
New Delhi [India] June 14 ( ANI ): The Ministry of AYUSH on Wednesday termed the reports incorrect that said that an AYUSH booklet stated that pregnant women should control lust, hang "beautiful" pictures on the wall and shun non-vegetarian food to deliver a healthy baby.
The booklet, titled Regulations for Electrical Installations 2017 , will ensure the protection of all professionals listed above, as well as their customers, DEWA stated.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) has published a guide booklet to facilitate people for slaughtering sacrificial animals on Eid.
A VOUCHER booklet is being offered to Christmas shoppers in Caerphilly borough.
The Yesha Council has published a new booklet titled "Occupation Shmuccupation," and is starting to teach its dogma to children living in the West Bank at a younger age.
Linau, Germany, June 04, 2015 --( ROTOCONTROL, a manufacturer of leading-edge finishing machines today announced its partnership with Longford International in offering an end-to-end solution for the production of ECL and booklet labels.
The booklet offers discounts and attractive perks on dining, entertainment, health, beauty services and retail.
Islamabad -- As part of Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan's (CWS-P/A) long-term commitment to enhance quality and accountability in humanitarian and development interventions, a booklet on Quality and Accountability for Project Cycle Management was launched in a ceremony held at a local hotel.