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someone who records the transactions of a business

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A bookkeeper, also known as an accounts clerk or finance clerk, is responsible for keeping the financial records of a business up to date and helping to prepare accounts.
A Huddersfield woman has achieved registered bookkeeper status with the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB).
Bookkeeper and witness in the pork barrel scam Mary Arlene Baltazar gave her testimony in court yesterday and said she had cooperated with Janet Lim Napoles in the past because she feared trumped up charges might be filed against her by her boss.
These elements certainly point to the manuscript's being a transcription made for private reading, but reaching definitive conclusions about who wrote what and at which time can be treacherous, especially when most investigators do not bother to set out what their standards are for determining whether something was written by a playwright or a bookkeeper.
Pliskin Realty & Development announced the appointment of Tracy Waterbury as Bookkeeper.
The pair lived in Pontypridd and Norman found work as a toolmaker on Treforest Industrial Estate, while Doris worked as a bookkeeper.
She worked as a bookkeeper at Tatman and Park Insurance Agency, in Worcester.
Initially the owners sign the checks prepared by the bookkeeper, but over time, the bookkeeper is tasked with both writing checks and signing them with a stamp.
The VFFI did not manufacture fake receipts, and if ever there indeed was questionable receipts it must have been the work of the bookkeeper who has responsibility over these papers," Arroyo said.
After the end of the eighth training course on accounting and taxation, in Havana, Michel Gomez, a self-employed accountant and bookkeeper for two years, said that the training had updated him on new legislation and resolutions that are very useful for his job.
James Moore, 19, from Durham, is working towards his apprenticeship at Ariston Accountants and Sarah Mullen, 18, from Jarrow, is an apprentice bookkeeper at Cormeton Electronics Access Training is running the Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification in response to National Apprenticeship Service's reports that small firms in the region were experiencing problems recruiting and training suitable bookkeepers.
James Moore, 19, from Durham, is working towards his apprenticeship at Ariston Accountants, based in Newcastle, and 18-year-old Sarah Mullen, from Jarrow, has been taken on as apprentice bookkeeper at Cormeton Electronics in North Shields.
I assumed that our bookkeeper was already back and working.
The iPhone app allows members to remain in contact with their bookkeeper or financial adviser, to view a dashboard showing payments and calendar of upcoming obligations, and to pay bills, file receipts, or approve payments.