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As we have seen, De Quincey's essay "On the Approaching Revolution in Great Britain" emphasized the link between "commercial activity" and "disaffection to the government." His anecdotal accounts of the "contagion of bookishness" establish a similar link between commercialism and middle-class social insurgency.
This extraordinary affair provided a potent symbol of a so-called different type of Jew--one marked by bravery and a desire to die on one's own terms, rather than by stereotypical bookishness and passivity--and for seventy-five years now has been a forceful point of Jewish pride.
in a culture after egypt farther than greece, a bookishness
His chief rival York dismisses his "church-like humours [that] fits not for a crown" (2HVI I.i.247) and his "bookish rule [that] hath pull'd fair England down" (2HVI I.i.259), while his wife--and principal character foil--Margaret summarizes her initial disdain for his bookishness and religiosity, and in turn much of what his opponents in both the fictional and actual worlds have said of him, in similar terms:
Rather than advocating modern poetry, like Fox, accordingly, Hallam located the best models for contemporary poetry in Italian and Elizabethan poems that offered more vivid, fresh sensations not drawn from bookishness but from direct encounters with nature and linked (as in Dante) to desire and Christian ethical benevolence.
"What really unifies The River of Consciousness is the unique combination of intellectual rigor and childlike amazement, of bookishness and warmth, which characterizes all of Sacks's writing." SUZANNE KOVEN
Her pronounced bookishness was a cause of mild consternation for the Joneses, who, though scrupulous when it came to linguistic decorum, "were far from intellectual ...
They are an unlikely pair: Prager with his middlebrow bookishness and Carolla, a former co-host of Comedy Central's The Man Show, with his cocky libertinism, but they've bonded over their distaste for political correctness.
Junior College, Baripada), 'bookishness' and the rise of alternative reading culture (S.
For readers fascinated by the material forms of bookishness, Jaillant's carefully researched book constantly satisfied cravings for details about the dimensions and designs of the books she covers.
The co-existence of the plot-driven paragraphs with erudite analogies in the novel does not come across as contrived or pretentious, as the bookishness of the narrator--a writer and writing teacher herself--justifies her resorting to knowledge at the time of emotional upheaval.
medical schools rationalized their objections to the admission of Jewish students on the grounds of proportional representation as well as the classic anti-Semitic canards of Jewish defensiveness, bookishness, poor manual dexterity, and avarice." Halperin, "The Jewish Problem in U.S.
In his review of Fun Home Michael Moon suggests that Bechdel transcends the arctic "bookishness" of her memoir because she is also tuned in to a more life-affirming sensuality evident in what he describes as the "powerful recurrent visual touch" of her writing style (2006, 3).
This bookishness is evident not only in Loskey's rebuttal of Anthony Armistead's claim to the volume, or in the fear of theft that his ciphers betray, but also in the persistent signatures, ciphered or not, that he inscribed in ten places throughout the copy.