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exaggerated studiousness

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26/) Jessica Pressman, "The Aesthetic of Bookishness in Twenty-First Century Literature," Michigan Quarterly Review 48.
In reading Upton and Meta's fictionalized accounts of their marriage (although only Upton's was published), Eby finds that each brought a bookishness and commitment to progressive ideals to their union.
I find reading exciting," Handler explains in a phone interview from his home in San Francisco, "and in the moment we're in, in which there are so many different types of entertainment, the thing I like the most about books is their bookishness.
The Aesthetics of Bookishness in Twenty-First-Century Literature.
Restraint, distance, coolness, un-selfing, disinterestedness, non-laisser alter, and bookishness are all features of the morphology of the soul of the scholar.
But the bookishness and pragmatism that strike mainstream Republican leaders as virtues highlight the potential difficulty that Bush may face in igniting the passions of more conservative members of the party.
The bookishness of The Harleian Miscellany lay in how, in a Derridean sense, it brought together and immobilized its constituent texts.
James admits that Frankie is a "bit of a goody-two-shoes"-she does not drink or indulge in casual sex like the Crawfords-but hopes that Frankie will be sympathetic and "recognisably Fanny Price in her awkwardness, her bookishness and most importantly her steadfastness.
As we have seen already with the parody of the women's textbook, the physicality and bookishness of shunga made it an appropriate genre for satire.
But the boy's bookishness was out of place among the illiterate police, and he longed to continue his education.
In part, this accounts for the bookishness of these late essays, for Emerson is fond of quoting or referring to older writers whose command of language was exceptional.
The autobiographical elements are clear--Clough's boyhood holidays with cousins, his bookishness, his resignation from his fellowship, his recent travels.
Indeed, though none of the conjectured antecedents of the present tale have ever been evidenced, and though the literariness of the present text, as a written text referring to other written texts, in a story themed around bookishness, is undeniable, such earlier versions of this text as may have existed may have borne little resemblance to the text that comes down to us.
His bookishness, along with his incipient homosexuality, made him a perpetual outcast--an intimate stranger to his beloved but highly judgmental, fundamentalist county in rural southeastern Tennessee.
Freedom's just another word for bookishness in this Biennial.