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Synonyms for bookish

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Synonyms for bookish

devoted to study or reading

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

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Synonyms for bookish

characterized by diligent study and fondness for reading


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His bookishly overpopulated imagination veers between a fiercely maintained desire for independent authorship and the gravity of a loaded memory.
He has a loving wife, a fine career and - at 71 - a bookishly intellectual retirement to look forward to.
The text is generously, one might almost say bookishly, intertextual.
It doesn't matter if the incumbent is as dumb-looking as Bush or as bookishly inflexible as Gore, the advisers are top-notch.
They ran the little businesses, the little stores, and the men, whose role was bookishly and liturgically defined, went out to the study house and spent the day there.
When studying even so bookishly inspired a text as Frankenstein, it may be well to bear in mind that a writer -- and Mary Shelley was perhaps less protected from reality than many young women in her milieu -- exists within a popular, as well as an intellectual, culture.