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Tania had worked throughout her life as a booking clerk at Caerphilly train station, where she met Gary while he worked there as a porter.
He was caught within touching distance of the Swiss border by a suspicious station booking clerk.
He was told there that the tickets had probably been credited to his card as a result of a keying error by a KLM booking clerk rather than fraud.
The 35 year-old mother-of-one had acted as decoy to lure a booking clerk at a Middlesex railway station out of his office.
While in the shop, the Prince Edward Theatre returned a call and confirmed the purchase of tickets for the show Mamma Mia - a present for Alan, Jill told the booking clerk.
The coven led by Silja, a 24-year-old airline booking clerk, has seven members and all are regularly asked to perform marriages.
He joined the company in 1965 as an assistant booking clerk.
When I asked the reason, he replied, "We give the list of passengers to the booking clerk even before booking of tickets starts.
Meanwhile ex-Yarm Grammar School girl Jean Wilson was working as a booking clerk at Stokesley Station where her father James Wilson was station master.
Above L-R) Bob Hibbert and booking clerk Carla Small of Prestige Taxi's, Jr, Hakki, Zico, Nico and Carlos outside the Central Kebab and Pizza House and Leslie Powell of Temptations Nightclub Pictures: JEFF PITT From left - Tim Cowell, Leighton Cox and Mark Kendrick Odeon manager Andy Elvis
When booking clerk Robert Fielding came to open the station at 6am he was confronted by Butler wielding a sawn-off doubled-barrelled rifle.
40 Saveaway ticket from my local station, which the booking clerk inadvertently rubbed off for November 2.
I WAS a booking clerk on London Transport Railways.
She started work as a booking clerk at Sherman's bookmakers on St Mary Street, a job she would have for 10 years.
Sales of passenger tickets, at Monument Lane Station, Birmingham, have doubled since a 37-year-old booking clerk, Mr Norman Camps, started his one-man campaign to 'sell' his station to the travelling public.