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a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races)


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While this may appear to be a no--lose situation, it fails to account for the bookie's fee for taking the bet.
Khalid Latif and Sharjeel Khan were banned for failing to report the advances made by bookies.On Wednesday, an anti-corruption tribunal of the PCB banned Shahzaib Hasan for one year with Rs 1 million fine for failing to disclose the advances.
These bookies were attempting to contact players via social media websites.
The bookie came up to the captain, who first thought he was a fan requesting for a selfie.
The surprising results of this study, show that over twenty percent of's bookies are now students or recent graduates and have been drawn to the career thanks to the large potential profits in a very small timeframe.
But now when there is less craze to watch IPL, the two- minutes gap between live match and telecast time on TV are turning out to be profitable for the bookies to bid for higher rates.
Following their arrest, another bookie Manan Bhatt from the state was also arrested.
After a day of intense interrogation and investigation, Delhi Police said they stumbled on the spot fixing racket after they recorded the phone calls of aides to underworld figure Tiger Memon with bookies. They also found out that one of the players was told to rope in others in the sordid saga.
The free viewing areas opposite the track have for years been a loosely organised Derby meeting haven for bookies, where they could bet for a small fee and positions were determined by seniority.
I asked my uncle George what it was all about, and the next day he told me that the bloke who had given me the betting slip had been trying to fiddle the bookie.
While banks are supposed to be places where money is exchanged, unlike the bookies they are trying to persuade their customers not to use cash.
It's premium bookie software provides powerful agent tools to monitor your book and maximize your profits.
Importantly, ED sleuths have found a Pakistan- based bookie involved in the entire scam.
The ICC, headed by Srinivasan on Sunday has written a letter to BCCI, drawing their attention to Thakur socialising with a well known bookie. Thakur has immediately responded, asking Srinivasan to aACAyshare' the list of suspected bookies with him.
Yet has anyone ever considered this: Why would a bookie in Malaysia, say, take a big-money bet from a punter in Kuala Lumpur who reckons that the Camberwick Green left-back is going to get a yellow card in their Ryman League match against Chigley in front of 150 men and a dog?