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a support placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright (on a shelf or table)

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The subtitle of Julia Eichelberger's book clearly outlines its content: four chapters, one devoted to each of the authors herein named, bookended by a first chapter deploying the theoretical matrix and a conclusion reprising it.
Less effeminate, but equally slim choreographically, is Homo Ecce ("Man As Is"), a suite of solos by different choreographers, bookended by Mikhailovsky's "Prologue" and "Epilogue.
Bookended by hallmark hits Caroline and Bye Bye Johnny, it's a set heavy on fan favourites such as Down Down, Whatever You Want and You're In The Army Now.
Those two scores bookended a 16-yard touchdown catch by Alex Pemesa and a one-yard run by his brother, Ricky.
Its tragic drift is bookended by a pair of GWs: Bush, recognizably smug even in a few blotches of oil paint, and Washington, a la Gilbert Stuart but mortally disappointed.
The strip of shop fronts is bookended by visually sumptuous flank walls of glazed ultramarine brick, that fold inwards to mark the demarcation between public street realm and the flats.
This, their fourth album, won't do the trick despite a setlist bookended by two radiofriendly tracks.
When the B-52 retired, Bryant noted that his career was bookended by the first hypersonic flight of the X-15 rocket plane and the last hypersonic flight of the unmanned X-43A research plane.
Bookended by take-no-prisoners rockers Turnin' The Screw and 'hidden' title track Era Vulgaris, there's the lacklustre I'm Designer and downright ugly Battery Acid, a muddy mish-mash of tricky time changes.
The miniseries is bookended by scenes of Presley's 1968 comeback special, which Parker intended as wan holiday spectacle.
Bookended by the sinister Gris Gris Gumbo Yaya - sometime favourite of the rock psychedelia crowd - and the rolling Goin' Back To New Orleans, this is an overview that will have you seeking out the back catalogue.
41-54), and unlike the decadent pair who bookended his reign - the infamous Caligula and the equally infamous Nero - Claudius (born in 10 B.
Any chance to capitalize on the momentum of last season's emotional melodrama - which was more or less bookended by the deaths of Bobby Simone (Jimmy Smits) and Sylvia Costas (Sharon Lawrence), detective Sipowicz's partner and wife, respectively - was torpedoed when ABC elected to extend the run of critical darling ``Once and Again'' in the stalwart cop show's time slot.
Palmdale was bookended by poor periods, scoring just four points in both the first quarter and overtime.
Consecutive losses to Birmingham and Cleveland bookended victories over Kennedy and Granada Hills.