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a support placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright (on a shelf or table)

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Two defeats, to England and the USA, bookended Australia's day at The Sevens Stadium but the win against China was just about enough for them to make it to the last eight.
The program was bookended by two operatic comedy shorts starring Mark McKinney and Barbara Hannigan.
Dajani, and Aharon Klieman) and bookended with an introduction and conclusion by editor Tamara Wittes, closely examining cultural attitudes, norms, beliefs, and other factors influencing the delicate and sometimes disastrous Israeli-Palestinian negotations.
We bookended every doctor's visit with our own research, Googled and re-Googled our symptoms, weighed differing opinions from Western and Burmese physicians.
Rounding out the exhibition was a video projection bookended by sequences of footage shot inside the Vatican.
Bookended by planes of handmade red brick and crowned by a hovering roof of silvered copper, the pavilion houses a large exhibition space, overlooking the formerly secret garden.
The last of the Suffering Servant songs in Isaiah is bookended by divine proclamations that the servant will be made great.
The horizontal split grille is bookended by quad oval headlights.
Bookended by White Oak Dance Project's well-received "PASTforward" and three decidedly mixed bills from New York City Ballet, the Edinburgh International Festival slipped some mostly satisfying European dance in between the American blockbusters.
But in true Hollywood fashion, it's bookended by a schmaltzy love story.
The subtitle of Julia Eichelberger's book clearly outlines its content: four chapters, one devoted to each of the authors herein named, bookended by a first chapter deploying the theoretical matrix and a conclusion reprising it.
This collection of 12 gay and lesbian short films includes ten French works (one called "Night Hustler," by Anne Fountaine, director of the praised gay-themed comedy Dry Cleaning) bookended by American and Australian shorts with similar themes.
He is now being "bookended" by seasoned speakers Boris and Education Secretary Michael Gove.
The set is bookended by two balls to the wall rockers, 100 Floors Of Perception and Rockfield, both of which suggest Pete Townshend is now as much an influence as their old pal Paul Weller.
Its tragic drift is bookended by a pair of GWs: Bush, recognizably smug even in a few blotches of oil paint, and Washington, a la Gilbert Stuart but mortally disappointed.