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a support placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright (on a shelf or table)

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While touring the house, I noticed, among many extraordinary things, the most beautiful bookends holding interesting books for guests to enjoy in every room.
With bookend ads, the bank pays for a 30-second spot but, because it is divided into two 15-second segments, the ad has greater impact on the viewer--making the message easier for the consumer to recall.
On one bookend, mark the position for 1-inch-deep notches (see sketch on page 150).
Prop up the classics with a statement bookend, also available in designs including'That's all folks' in purple or 'Fin' in mint.
The Bookend Trust 'Inspiring the Future' has been announced as the winner of the GPT Community Grant as part of the 2012 Banksia Awards.
Although well over half of the book's chapters have appeared previously in published form, it is quite useful to have them easily accessible in a book, and the volume makes a nice bookend to Dutton's earlier book on early modern theater censorship, Mastering the Revels: The Regulation and Censorship of English Renaissance Drama (1991).
Not unlike the bookend blocks of Tschumi's Lerner Hall at Columbia University (AR January 2000), but without their ersatz contextual skin, the trade hall with its gridded glazing is one of two datums off which the Rouen project spins.
Effectively the north core and south core, formerly the town centers of Port Arthur and Fort William, bookend the intercity area which is now the hub of retail activity for the City of Thunder Bay.
These shows bookend the large Miami show and complete RushNet's 2006 tradeshow schedule.
But in the light of the recontextualization engendered by the ONE THING and VIET-NAM that bookend the 1965, the connection between the existential predicament of being thrown into the world (amid a confusing sea of figures) and a certain kind of politics--call it a politics of trauma--asserted itself, even if the relation between ONE THING and VIET-NAM is itself unclear, and even if the work could just as easily be viewed as a warning against indexicality and historical contextualization.
The building anchors the 42nd Street portion of the famous shopping street with the Crown Building, at 57th Street, as its other bookend.
An acclaimed concert performance in June 1996 sparked a smash Tony-winning Broadway revival that is still up and running, which in turn led to the popular 2002 film version that's set to give Kander, Ebb, and the show's original director--coauthor--spiritual mentor, the late Bob Fosse, an Oscar-winning bookend to their 1972 film of Cabaret.
First, his discussion of the bookend dates for his study is unconvincing (2).
Clean'' is a far more serious drama, and the two films bookend the couple's relationship quite interestingly.