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a support placed at the end of a row of books to keep them upright (on a shelf or table)

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Your early 20th century monk figure bookend would probably be worth $25 to $50.
SO WHAT will you bid me for this pair of carved oak elephant bookends? PS50?
World map paper bunting PS4.95, Dot Com Gift Shop World clock map, PS31.76, Etsy Black globe, PS29.99, Studio Ben de Lise Home white globe, PS25, Debenhams Globe touch lamp, PS19.99, The Range Keep your books tidy with these charming bookends.
While touring the house, I noticed, among many extraordinary things, the most beautiful bookends holding interesting books for guests to enjoy in every room.
A bookend TV ad is one that appears at the start of a commercial break, followed by a second that pops up about 90 seconds later, at break's end.
With a demonstrably different design from any other building that has preceded it, high-end, non-gaming hotels will bookend the development.
Fusco calls these projects "Quintessentially New York, a site development with a bookend mid-rise building on the avenue and townhouses that line the side streets." Currently, GF55 is working on its third such design.
The gala reception and closing banquet bookend the week and provide two of the largest convention occasions for customers, suppliers and other industry insiders to mix and mingle.
That evening I might be on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, looking to bookend my transit imagery.
Two CD-ROMs, along with four screws and a small piece of wood, can be used to make a great bookend!
The next step was to make a shelf for each bookend, which would serve to hold a second layer of books.
The mission of ASYS Automation LLC is to provide our customers with high quality equipment and excellent support throughout the Americas, The product range includes hoard handling, pallet systems, solder frame hand rig, depanelizers, inline barcode applicators, laser marking, odd-form placement and bookend production lines.
Now Barnhart offers us a new pair of bookend nouns for the same shelf: Onsert, called Standard, is defined as "an extra publication bundled with another magazine, newspaper, journal, catalog or the like, especially one that is affixed to the cover." Also spelled on-sert; a second definition is "something added to the outside of something else." The other bookend is undersert, also called Standard, which the Barnhart Quarterly of New Words says means an extra publication, such as an advertisement or other supplement, added to another larger publication, such as a newspaper, journal, catalog, etc., by placing it on the back [of] or under the other publication."
My speculum serves as an ornamental bookend. (It looks much less scary sitting on the shelf like that.)