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a dealer in books


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Then, in 1742, Arthur Pond, an English portrait painter, engraver and bookdealer, published a set of caricatures which he had etched from a collection by Italian and French artists.
His books on gems are listed in The Index, an annotated bibliography of the 10th century compiled by the bookdealer Ibn al-Nadim.(4)
The antiviolence statute had been used against a bookdealer charged with intent to sell the magazine Headquarters Detective, True Stories from the Police Blotter.
(Freedman later delivered two public lectures in Calw devoted to Hesse.) Tubingen, where Hesse worked as an apprentice bookdealer while writing his earliest works, sponsored a series of public lectures on such topics as "Hesse and National Socialism" and "Hesse--Author for the Young?"
Wealthy bookdealer Colin Harrold - who had a new girlfriend - tired of his second wife Dianne after just two years because she wanted kids.
On the first floor, below us, were Wright Howes, the bookdealer, author of US-iana, and his wife Zoe, ...
While national bibliographical control was still in the future, individual, and some institutional bibliographical endeavours in Canada date back to the end of the eighteenth century in the form of library and bookdealer catalogues.
On 17 April (his seventieth birthday), he called on the bibliophile and bookdealer Leo Olschki in Florence.
This work of Barbara Kaye is the third of a trilogy relating to bookselling and, more specifically, to the bookselling career of Percy Muir, late eminent British bookdealer and the author's husband.
An antiquarian bookdealer for more than forty years, Jeff is an internationally-renowned authority on Dylan Thomas, and has written a number of books.
Mr Albury said that the photograph had been discovered among the books and effects of a deceased London bookdealer.
Mr Albury said the photograph was discovered among the books and effects of a deceased London bookdealer.
or OF estacioon, stacioon and ML stationarius] 'a bookdealer, esp.
His middleman was the university bookdealer Thomas Hunt, who was in an official position to distribute his books to the university and to network for him.