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the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet

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Book values are obtained for the remaining assets (assume asset A was disposed of before the balance sheet date).
It's a two-step test that first determines whether the book value of the reporting unit's acquired assets exceeds the unit's so-called fair value -- typically measured through discounted cash-flow estimates.
MVA is the market value of the company (calculated as the market value of equity plus the book value of debt) minus all the "capital" investors have provided in the form of loans, retained earnings, and paid-in capital.
Large unlisted stocks are typically priced well below their book value and trade at a fraction of the valuations awarded most traditionally traded equities.
Some big companies that are trading below book values are Tata Steel, Bajaj Hindusthan, Steel Authority of India, Reliance Communications and State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.
Domestic banks noted that the use of book value as the basis in the tally of risk-exposure ceiling will greatly constrain the development of domestic banks in the Chinese market, due to the smaller amount of their book values.
Make Model New Car Blue Book Value 1 Honda Accord LX $19,697 2 Honda Civic LX $16,024 3 Toyota Camry SE $19,700 4 Toyota Sienna LE $24,800 5 Honda Pilot LX $27,500 6 Nissan Altima SL $22,676 7 Toyota Highlander V6 $24,059 8 Toyota 4Runner Sport V6 2WD $26,878 9 Toyota Corolla S $14,949 10 Honda Odyssey EX V6 $26,632 No.
Effective book values would be much higher than the prices which the RCC has paid in purchasing bad loans from banks in helping them get the loans off their balance sheets.
To cope with the problem of moral hazard, the FSC, however, may institute a number of associated measures alongside the relaxation, such as requiring those with negative book value to carry out capital increment.
Black Book Senior Vice President and General Manager Tom Cross commented, "Integrating Black Book values into JMsolutions' Mobile AAX product gives dealers unprecedented access to vehicle information.
With certified vehicles for sale at no-haggle prices below Blue Book values, auto2auto.
In addition to licensing Kelley Blue Book's New Car Blue Book values, Zag also will license and offer its customers specification data and expert editorial reviews from the trusted resource.
TowerStreet, a leading provider of insurance software and services, today announced a strategic relationship with Blue Book Values, a division of PRIMEDIA's Intertec Publishing (NYSE:PRM) and the leading sole-source provider of vehicle identification and valuation information.
Under the revised proposal, the exchange of shares would be based upon their respective tangible book values at the time of closing.