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the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet

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Perhaps part of the reason is that 'Berkshire will likely buy back 'significant' amounts of stock in future years, causing book value to fall.' The share price is down about 10 percent from the November 2018 high.
Selangor under Khalid had made a RM250 million bid to buy Splash in 2013, but Air Selangor claimed that the bid was 86 per cent lower than the book value of Splash which was RM1.84 billion at that time.
While these stocks offer steep discounts to book value and market average, it doesn't necessarily mean they are cheap.
Put simply, book value represents that part of the accounting value of a business that will be left after debts are paid off.
In Ohlson model, investors and other stakeholders use book value and earnings to forecast future cash flows of the firms (Hanlon et al., 2001).
The CBC has agreed to lift the restriction of US$50 million position, leaving only the restriction of 15% book value. Meanwhile, the FSC has been studying opening up of various new businesses for securities firms, including foreign-currency derivatives, such as options.
Book value wraps provide stable value pension plan participants with the guarantee of benefit withdrawals at book value.
As such, we estimate a first quarter of 2011 burn-down tangible book value (TBV) of $2.20 after accounting for possible additional asset sales, a $0.16 negative hit to TBV, and a deferred tax asset (DTA) benefit of $0.61, assuming the company can repay TARP with cash," said Paul Miller Jr., an analyst at FBR Capital Markets.
EU) (LSE: BKIR_u) has said that NAMA, or National Asset Management Agency, has acquired EUR3.75bn of eligible assets from the bank at a transfer price of EUR2.4bn, equivalent to 64 percent of that portfolio's gross book value or a 36 percent discount (EUR1.35bn) to gross book value.
The latest book value of the company is Rs 207.85 per share.
Many approaches to valuation require a consideration of book value. Simply stated, book value is assets less liabilities, or the net worth of the business.
We obtain evidence rejecting the claim that including book value in the valuation specification eliminates the anomalous relationship.
Now, spurred largely by deregulation in energy markets, the real estate management industry is undergoing a radical sea change--from simple service provider charged with safeguarding a property's bottom line, to strategic partner capable of boosting a building's bottom line, and even enhancing the book value of the property itself.
The value of its aircraft assets, including its joint-venture investments, is approximately $1.5 billion in net book value and includes 87 aircraft.