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a dealer in books


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The publishers and book sellers were divided when it came to sale of books.
The government sued the companies in April over colluding to fix prices on e-books, and Barnes & Noble says the proposed settlement in that suit would not only harm book sellers, but also "millions and millions" of customers.
Almost three months after a popular revolt swept Hosni Mubarak away from Egypt's political life, book sellers and producers complain that the revolution had brought them nothing but recession and stagnation.
Reference books and price guides on antiques can be difficult to source, with many of the big book sellers often only able to order them in - not very helpful when you just can't wait to find out whether that bunny is actually a SylvaC and what it's worth.
Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again and presently has an estimated worth of at least 25 billion dollars.
Book seller Barnes & Noble Inc has announced that its website Barnes & has launched the Barnes & Noble Bookstore application on the Apple App Store.
/A SURVEY by Internet book seller Amazon revealed the Bard was most popular in the North
London book seller Yasser Al-Siri, 39, was given bail after a charge of conspiracy to murder anti-Taleban Afghan leader General Massoud, was dropped.
Book seller Barnes & Noble Inc (NYSE: BKS) announced on Thursday (16 April) the opening of the company's new Customer Service Centre.
A spokesperson for Book seller Ottackar's said that the company was 'impressed that the range of titles crosses so many genres, and it`s good that it`s not just the obvious names.'
Online e-tailer and book seller,, has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and year ending 31 December 2003, with net sales up 36%.
The book seller has run into trouble in the last few years due to increased competition, the sale of its loss making US airport and hotel outlets and a massive GBP160m pension deficit.
The book sellers can obtain gazette book copies on the same day after announcement of the results, both 9th and 10th classes.
More than 180 book sellers and publishers will install book Stalls from where the book lovers may purchase the books of their own choice on discounted price.