book of knowledge

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an elementary encyclopedia dealing with general knowledge

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In coming issues, the Journal of Islamic Sciences will serialize a co-translation by Gianotti and Jawad Qureshi (University of Chicago) of al-Ghazali's Book of Knowledge.
I would set out to write a Book of Wisdom for Qallunaat (white men), while John Ningark would work on The Qallunaat Book of Knowledge. Each of us would "borrow" the writing styles of the authors of those books, and simply apply our knowledge of Qallunaat into the written word.
1 (Aftermath/G Unit/Interscope); KNOWLEDGE MC, The Book of Knowledge (306 Entertainment); and T.I., Urban Legend (Atlantic).
For starters, we're offering readers free access to two of Grolier Online's databases--The New Book of Knowledge and The New Book of Popular Science (see left).
"The line has become a good variety of product in the Oriental rug weavers' book of knowledge," Brescia said.
"She was magical - a book of knowledge, a dictionary - you can open up the pages and she's history," he said.
El Libro del conoscimiento de todos los reinos (The Book of Knowledge of All Kingdoms).
The site already includes access to information under categories of encyclopedias, The New Book of Knowledge Online, the New Book of Popular Science and Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en Linea, a Spanish-language encyclopedia.
As the children raised and pursued questions about birds and their eggs, they used reference books, including Grassland Animals (Chinery 1992), Mysteries and Marvels of Nature (Morris 1989), the Usborne Book of Knowledge: Part 1 (Bremner 1979), and The World Book Encyclopedia (1990).
They produce three main encyclopedias - the Encyclopedia Americana, the Academic American encyclopedia, and the New book of knowledge. These three documents contain over 90,000 articles.
That said, it would be fine to report that Grumbach's newest novel, The Book of Knowledge, proved worthy of the anticipation that greeted its arrival.
The river was my Book of Knowledge, but they knocked me down.