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a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it

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Even after reading the book of instructions I wasn't sure what to do and I ended up deleting the messages one at a time, a process that was lengthy but which led me to discover the diffidence factor.
By the time I get out of this place, I'll probably need a book of instructions.
It came with a 35-page book of instructions on its use.
The faithful kneel unless the Diocesan Bishop determines otherwise," determines Rome's book of instructions.
The relationship with the outside world is changed in a radical way and the text can be seen as a book of instructions for life: a grammar of emotion, instinct, and pain.
These include the mini-lab series from MCMXI, the Battat line of science and discovery kits, the Educational Insights line of kits on light and magnetism -- these kits include materials and a book of instructions and experiments.
Fastened to the harness was a book of instructions giving clear guidance on how to attach the harness and on the use of the telephone.
This was even harder to answer as he was not sure whether he wanted a good read or a book of instructions.
A pocket-sized book of instructions for a county's police officers and civilian staff is designed to improve cross-cultural relations.
I ordered a book of instructions from England and a few pieces of wood and tools.