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a paper match that strikes only on a specially prepared surface

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The design of the book matches Laura-Lou's exuberance.
A history of trade is really the history of mankind, but Bernstein's book matches this lofty ambition.
The format of this book matches the page size of the earlier volumes.
Judged by how well the content of the book matches its title, this book would fail.
But if you're going posh and want everything organised, just so, then you'll need to think about place settings, full printed menu, wine list, printed order of speeches and toasts, table plans, napkins and other optional extras like personalised book matches.
Fill with small items culled from the holiday such as tiny shells and pebbles, attractive book matches or small pieces of jewellery.
The written content of this book matches the hundreds of reproductions in interest and information.
Readers whose primary goal in reading the book matches the authors' primary goal in writing it, and who prefer reading tables to reading text, can save much time by following their preference.
The secret of a successful flambe, or flaming, is to warm the Cognac before igniting by pouring it into a small heated metal container such as a measuring cup or a long handled ladle; ignite it with wooden or fireplace matches, never with small book matches; and hold the match over, not directly in, the Cognac to ignite the vapors.