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a paper jacket for a book

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The company's somewhat melodramatic press release reads like the book jacket of a spy novel.
Starting off with a very attractive book jacket, the reader is given a quick introduction on the lineage of leatherneck aircraft and aviation history.
An audiobook edition of the novel, narrated by actor Dominic West, will feature a version of the book jacket design and will also be published in September, the BBC added.
Ahead of it highly anticipated publication, publishers Little, Brown released a shot of the book jacket.
I ask to borrow one, joyfully pulling out one with an intricately designed cover and I sit quietly relishing the book jacket.
Even more intriguing is the hidden or secret message about poetry discussion and reading/learning tips printed on the underside of the book jacket.
Gunter's "The A to Z of the Kurds," essentially with identical content as his "Historical Dictionary of the Kurds (2003)," ought to have a look at the back of the book jacket.
On the book jacket, I noted that he had once been a divinity student at Harvard University before becoming a journalist, covering some of the worst wars of the last 15 years.
Penguin's instantly recognisable book jacket designed by Edward Young and the Mini of Sir Alec Issigonis also feature in the set of stamps.
This book is not quite the thriller that the book jacket implies, but it maintains a touch of mystery.
One of the best surprises is the period map of London inside the book jacket.
The author, now an Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, also grew up in Virginia and then attended a Connecticut school, and he was "a community organizer in Harlem during the civil rights movement," according to the book jacket.
No doubt many of his loyal fans will follow instructions and get their hands on a copy, and it will become, in the term its book jacket uses to describe O'Reilly's previous books, a "mega-bestseller.
The blurbs on the back of the book jacket come from commanding figures in the field, and they all converge on one point: Huck's Raft is the best synthesis we have of the history of youth in America.
Despite the book jacket hype, tip-toeing through Alice Denham's sexual encounters amongst the post-World War II American literati is not the most interesting thing about her memoir.