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a paper jacket for a book

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The book jacket also lists other books by Shaikh Mohammad.
It was also significant because the book jacket represents a trend in contemporary design that encourages the use of hand-lettered copy.
Day three brings a lesson in book jacket art, as we display a variety of published covers and students evaluate their successfulness.
Boris, the tiny bear cub fostered by Taya's mother plays a part in the story and a glossy poster is included in the book jacket. There is also a reader/author question and answer section at the end of the story and a sneak preview of the next book in the series.
The book jacket has a photo of the author at the hill in central South Dakota where legend tells that the woman lived with the wolves.
Even more intriguing is the hidden or secret message about poetry discussion and reading/learning tips printed on the underside of the book jacket. "Hot Cha Cha" is a great book for kids of all ages and also a great teaching resource for the dreaded poetry unit.
Asked about how the White House urges the media to respect the girls' privacy, but then features them on the book jacket, Gibbs said, "Our encouragement is to keep their private lives private.
Gunter's "The A to Z of the Kurds," essentially with identical content as his "Historical Dictionary of the Kurds (2003)," ought to have a look at the back of the book jacket. This will first and foremost give a fairly accurate impression of its content, or at least the publisher's marketing of the book.
Don't let the book jacket's over-the-top promise ("[The] Power of Pause will forever change the way you think about and live your life") scare you away.
On the book jacket, I noted that he had once been a divinity student at Harvard University before becoming a journalist, covering some of the worst wars of the last 15 years.
Penguin's instantly recognisable book jacket designed by Edward Young and the Mini of Sir Alec Issigonis also feature in the set of stamps.
This book is not quite the thriller that the book jacket implies, but it maintains a touch of mystery.
One of the best surprises is the period map of London inside the book jacket. Those who enjoyed Eye of the Crow will find this tale even better.
The old castle precariously perched at the edge of a Scottish cliff grabs you from the beginning, right from the book jacket. And right from the very first page, you are drawn into the story, as the characters seem real and you are there in the Scottish Highlands.
The author, now an Associate Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, also grew up in Virginia and then attended a Connecticut school, and he was "a community organizer in Harlem during the civil rights movement," according to the book jacket. His novel is a convincing portrayal of a pivotal era in American history, as seen through the eyes of a sympathetic young protagonist.