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a club that people join in order to buy selected books at reduced prices

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Parents can find out more by reading the SDG Book Club Blog, which contains stories from book clubs, educators and parents from around the world, who have used the books to discuss complex issues, like poverty or health, with their children, helping them take concrete steps to help others in their communities.
The Book Club Workshop as an event is a precursor to the Namibia Book Fair.
The book club also enjoys a light refreshment at each meeting.
Join the Mirror Book Club Facebook group and tell us who you agree with
'We're really looking forward to readers joining us for our monthly Book Club as we discuss an unforgettable, epic story set in the American West,' said Liz Harwell, Senior Director of Merchandising, Trade Books at Barnes & Noble.
Summer book club will also arrange informative question answer sessions that will be concluded with prize distribution among smart kids.
The Barnes & Noble Book Club aims to bring readers in communities across the country together to discuss the most compelling books.
Book Club discussions will be held on Tuesday 9 April 2019 at 7pm local time in Barnes & Noble stores across the US.
The book club has recently finished reading, "Crazy is My Super Power: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts and Breaking the Rules," by former professional WWE wrestler, AJ Mendez.
Bookstore1 offers several themed book clubs. Souza runs one on book translations and one on mysteries.
The 10 books have been chosen by Amanda Ross, who was behind the selections of the original Richard and Judy TV Book Club.
This is why we at Scholastic Book Clubs are truly inspired by James Patterson's commitment to offer real help to teachers in this work," Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs, said in a statement.
The indulgentespresso martinipancakes will be available at two trendy Shoreditch bars, The Book Club and the rooftop favourite, Queen of Hoxton.