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a bag in which students carry their books

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Simpson aims to give away 500 book bags filled with school supplies to families in need.
Then there are the days when you don't look in the book bag. Those will be days when you get told tomorrow it is compulsory that your child goes to school dressed as a giraffe.
The principal told the Dalton Daily Citizen that the teacher and the paraprofessional working in that classroom asked the student if they could have her book bag.
They were challenged to see how many people could fit inside a giant book bag and managed eight.
with just a change of underwear in your book bag, and a fifty
A few years ago, I started a rotating classroom library called the "book bag" program.
Smartly dressed in her new uniform and clutching her book bag, the four-year-old beams for the camera on her first day at Boldmere Infant and Nursery School.
A special book festival badge, membership card and book bag.
SAVE: pounds 1 Star-print book bag, Tesco, was pounds 6, now pounds 5.
Sharpie fine-point markers, 24 pack, pounds 19.99, WHSmith Book bag tags, pounds 2.50,
Pupil C had forgotten her book bag and was told off by Miss Archer-Jones.
"Fashionable people don't carry paper or plastic," maintain the makers of Ombre Market Bags--designed for grocery shopping but equally at home on the beach, as a book bag, or an everyday carry-all.
"Knowing that this was not a nice area of town, I brought along a firearm which I left in my book bag," said Barner, who is licensed under the Georgia Weapons Carry laws.
The pack includes grading scales; a contact lens fact file; a yellow filter; an occluder with pinholes, PD rule and pupil size gauge; a USB stick; a cotton book bag; and copies of several published contact lens-related articles.
The notebooks are protected by an aluminium alloy lid and are 1" thin, which means they are comfortable to carry and easily slide into a briefcase or book bag.