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a bag in which students carry their books

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The principal told the Dalton Daily Citizen that the teacher and the paraprofessional working in that classroom asked the student if they could have her book bag.
Each day as the students went home, they took a different book bag (the next bag in the sequence), rotating throughout the month.
Teachers need to know how some of this occurs and how to prevent it from happening in their classroom, such as requiring all students to turn of all electronic devices during class, including cell phones and iPods, and to put them away in a book bag, purse, etc.
And during a visit to Big Creek Elementary School, Oneida, the pair took part in a book bag exchange.
ATLANTA -- Kroger and Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee completed a back to school book bag and school supplies drive to help over 5,000 of metro Atlanta's homeless children.
Some of the projects are: Rugged Messenger Bag, Hemp Market Bag, Linen Tube Clutch, Fair Isle Book Bag, Yoga Mat Tote, and iPod Pocket.
Redcar and Cleveland's Bookstart programme is another success, with all children aged seven to nine months, two and three receiving a free Bookstart book bag, thanks to the Booktrust charity.
If the backpack is too heavy, consider using a book bag on wheels if your child's school allows it.
Inside the book bag the parent sees science, math, and spelling while the child sees an overwhelming, disorganized jumble of expectations and another "in your face" confrontation with personal shortcomings and potential failure.
The book bag literacy partnership is a multi-faceted collaboration between school and home, and between children and adults.
Taylor Merritt carried her friend's book bag, helped her with her walker, and played with her at recess alongside the gravel playground, which her friend could not negotiate.
You have a new box of #2 pencils and maybe even a new book bag.
Harry (all student names have been changed) drags his book bag into the classroom and promptly collapses into a heap on the rug, whining about the miserable start of his day.