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New York book agent Lucianne Goldberg said that a month before Ms Linda Tripp provided her secret recording of conversations with Ms Lewinsky to prosecutors, Ms Tripp became concerned her tapes might be illegal and began looking for a new lawyer to seek immunity from prosecution.
Ordained a deacon in England, he served as a preacher in Maryland and then became a traveling book agent, distributing morally uplifting and entertaining books.
Known as Parson Weems, he was an itinerant evangelist and book agent. In 1800 he wrote a History of the Life, Death, Virtues and Exploits of George Washington.
HOLLYWOOD Book agents and publishers often grumble about the star system that's poisoned their business, leading bestselling writers to expect huge advances, ridiculous perks and the freedom to exit a contract if they don't like the terms.
If you have happen to have any questions, consult the book Agents of Change: The Story of DC Shoes and Its Athletes.
If the Stephen Schwartz/Winnie Holzman musical "Wicked" opens to glowing reviews next month, book agents may find themselves literally singing the praises of its producers, who may be paving the way for more book-Broadway-bigscreen transfers.
But a number of authors and book agents feel like they dodged a bullet.