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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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The ex-Parliament Speaker wrote on his Face book account, he added that "we are convinced of this solution, at this present stage".
It happens that when I opened my first cheque book account in the 1960s I started to keep a cash book so that I could keep tabs on what was coming in and going out each month.
I do not want to bank on the internet or with a piece of plastic - I just want old-fashioned banking with a cheque book account.
The reserve account is a book account that tracks UI contributions an employer pays as well as the benefit charges that are paid out to employees who have been laid off.
In contrast, to provide the information required by the lines in column (A) in an efficient manner, the book account balances must contain the specific information requested.
The New York Daily News first raised this question when it noted that her book account "suggests that she did not have her son checked, as required by Delaware state law." The Daily News reported that Delaware Justice Department spokeswoman Lori Sitler had stated that the purchase could be illegal under state law if Brady did not also say who she was buying the gun for and submit his "name, rank and serial number" for a full check.
Priest recognizes the important role book accounts played in credit, but she mistakenly asserts that to "obtain a book account credit, a person had to offer to repay the debt in terms acceptable to the creditor." (35) One can certainly assume that creditors would not extend credit on book if they did not believe that their debtors would eventually repay them, but the accounts themselves contained no such promise.
TWO out of three cheque book account holders have no idea what interest their cash is earning, according to new research from Investec Bank.
We cannot close any Face book account directly without Face book authority's cooperation.
In his personal Face book account, Nujaifi stated that Da'ish cannot control Mosul for long, which is proved by the control of Naqshabandiya Army on the left bank of Mosul.