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candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers

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A Baja garden features the starkly tapered boojum tree and other flora native to the arid peninsula; a 1/3-acre cienega (fresh-water pond) should play host to migrating cranes, egrets, and great blue herons in December; and a new primitive garden includes flora from the Paleozoic era: cycads, ferns, and ginkgos.
Photo: Tall, skinny boojum tree pokes skyward in new Baja garden
The signs' boat and marina icons--which reportedly cost over $100,000--seem grossly out of place as I pass endless stretches of bone-dry desert and alien-looking boojum trees.
In some of the canyons of the islands, one can see wild strangler fig trees clinging spiderlike to vertical volcanic ash cliffs painted yellow, black and red, while giant cardon cactus stand straight, reaching for the sky In addition, there are elephant trees, unusual boojum trees and the occasional blossom of a tiny cactus.