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Synonyms for bogeyman

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Synonyms for bogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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We're swept away on River Po flooding its banks with minchia piss of little me a real pisser tricked again in dream by waterbearer bedwetter boogieman. Scusa, Nonnie.
Some patterns also sport lead dumbbell eyes, such as Galloup's Boogieman, or Nancy P, adding to their castable weight.
The tracks are "Never Give Up", "Real Steel", "King of the Road", "The Boogieman", "The Chase", "Rudeboy Razor", "Knowledge Shine Bright", "A Rebel in Blue", "Musical Murder", "Queen of Sheba", "Wrong Side of the Line", and "Revolution."
Appellant first argued that, by referring to his defense as a "boogieman defense" involving an "imaginary suspect," the prosecutor plainly erred by denigrating the defense.
For example, while younger preschool age children may fear the boogieman, the dark, and separation from parents, elementary school age children may begin to have more realistic fears such as drugs and violence, as a more developed cognitive structure allows children to make more abstract conceptualizations.
It seems like lightning is relegated to boogieman status, yet the natural phenomena is as prevalent and deadly today as when Ben Franklin considered the danger.
Far from being the ideological progressive boogieman the right keeps promising us, he is once again retooling and reconciling his policy to preserve the religiously affiliated safety net and to keep from alienating potential voters, while balancing the demand for real and fair access to birth control.
And, in order to achieve their objectives and drain all resources, they create an ever-living boogieman, a permanent enemy, and ubiquitous mirage of terror that must be preempted and chased across the globe.
There is a big boogieman running around and scaring people when it comes to the internet." Rather than being scared, Armstrong chooses to be smart about her online safety, requiring fans of the blog to mail to a P.O.
Even last year's boogieman of healthcare reform is casting less of a shadow: Fitch Ratings just brightened its outlook for the U.S.
The origins and motive of the titular boogieman have no place in Dunstan's viscera-drenched film, which culminates in the obligatory set-up for a sequel.
The origins and motive of the boogieman have no place in Dunstan's viscera-drenched film, which culminates in the obligatory set-up for a sequel.
With his clawed glove, disfigured face and tendency to pounce on victims while they lay dreaming and vulnerable, Krueger was the ultimate boogieman. But just when you thought it was safe to sleep again, the franchise has been resurrected with an even meaner streak.
If you really want to know what the scariest postapocalyptic boogieman is then look no further than this two-part science fiction drama.
This is a kind of theoretical map to political campaigns that deploy Blackness--ala Willie Horton and Harold Ford, Jr.'s alleged threat of miscegenation (O'Keefe, 2006)--as a modern day boogieman. And, as I discussed previously, the boogieman also ultimately represents the threat of the "uppity" free Black man.