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Synonyms for boogie-woogie

an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)


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His first love is the Blues and boogie-woogie and there aren't many places catering for that.
His boogie-woogie piano is a carefree, uplifting experience.
The title Boogie-Woogie ostensibly refers to an ersatz Mondrian that comes into play in the story, but Boogie Nights is the implied reference that counts.
Each song has its own style, from Hawaiian to boogie-woogie,'' Haskell says.
The boogie-woogie folk fusion David Olney brings to the song "Trainwreck" is both infectious and fun.
Meanwhile, Coming On Through and the furious boogie-woogie of Second Hand Prayer should prove the perfect soundtrack to those Valleys' pubs where gigs usually end with the imprints of boots left in the plasterboard.
Jools last performed at Shugborough Hall, near Stafford, in 2010 and will return with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra and guests for a Boogie-Woogie concert on August 18.
New to audiences might be the fact that the lindy hop, along with the Charleston, cakewalk, minstrel blues and boogie-woogie, was not originally called swing, but rather jazz.
One of the most traditional country songs on the album, the track treads a contemporary line with solid boogie-woogie keyboarding and flawless electric guitar.
Despite the name, they weren't some hippy band from the '70s, but rocked solid with a kind of boogie-woogie side at times.
THE last-gasp Prix de l'Opera winner's name is derived from her breeding to replicate the phonetic version of ZZ Top, the Texan heavy-metal boogie-woogie band famed for their beards (except for drummer Frank Beard, the only group member without substantial chin-fluff).
The repetitive eight-to-the-bar bass line of boogie-woogie blues structure found a perfect home in Mondrian's disciplined rectangles.
While Rebennack is more familiar for a Creole-flavoured blues, jazz and boogie-woogie these days, his classic late 60s album Gris-Gris saw him unleash the sound of deranged, psychedelic swamp-rock.
The boogie-woogie pianist and his big band will be joined by singers Sam Brown and Ruby Turner at the city's Playhouse on August 2.
The music here is anything but musty, ranging from gritty blues to foot-stomping boogie-woogie, as well as gospel, Dixieland and swing.