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Synonyms for boogie-woogie

an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)


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Silvan Zingg is one of the world's famous Boogie-Woogie and blues piano players.
Only he could insist on playing boogie-woogie piano to acknowledge 19th Century composer Wagner.
On the contrary, the 'UK's most popular purveyor of boogie-woogie' just seems to get better and better, and appears to enjoy himself more and more.
Besides swing and boogie-woogie, their range encompassed novelty songs, ballads, folk, country-western and religious titles.
One only need peruse his albums to get a grasp on how versatile a player he really is, jumping from outright boogie-woogie blues to a credible turn at the Sinatra classic "Come Fly With Me" to a low and bluesy rendition of Cole Porter's "I Get A Kick Out of You," Copley takes the listeners on a wild ride to the corners of classic American music.
BOOGIE-WOOGIE big band favourite Jools Holland will be back in Cardiff this December.
Their new album's called Donkey Jacket and its furious boogie-woogie and railroad stomp perfectly captures the sound of those raucous Valleys' pub gigs that usually end with the imprints of someone's boot left in the plasterboard.
Boogie-woogie, a piano style built upon the blues and characterized by a variety of ostinato bass figures, is frequently viewed as a rudimentary music performed by untutored pianists with limited musical vocabulary.
"Ol' Bloo's Boogie-Woogie Band and Blues Ensemble" is an illustrated Southern tale for children ages 6-10 about an old donkey whose dreams of retirement are interrupted by the threatening musings of Farmer Brown, who had decided to put the "poor beast outta his misery." A change of career is just what he needs, he decides, maybe a life in music.
The boogie-woogie maestro's previous gigs there have proved hugely popular, and he's back this Saturday accompanied by his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
The text has funny moments that beg for extra conversation: have you ever seen a badger boogie-woogie before?
The story of boogie-woogie; a left hand like God, 2d ed.
The little pianist - try saying that after a couple of sherberts - is the undisputed king of New Year's Eve, with his catchphrase: "Are you ready to boogie-woogie?" I don't even know what that means but yes, Jools, I am definitely ready.
On Tuesday he talks about leaving the band at the height of their success to play his own type of boogie-woogie music.
Jazz authority and former record executive Frank Driggs combines his talent Kansas City native and radio host Chuck Haddix to present an in-depth chronicle jazz styles that encompassed rough-and-tumble urban blues, and pounding piano music that would come to be known as "boogie-woogie".