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Synonyms for boogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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His life of puckish fun is ended abruptly when the Guardians, a band of fairytale figures, try to recruit him to stop the Boogeyman giving all the world's children nightmares.
The gruesome film is set around a college campus and Jayne is one of a succession of nubile young students to be savaged by the evil Boogeyman.
A story about a lad who grows up with a fear of cupboards after his Dad was hauled into one never to return by aforesaid Boogeyman looks as stupid on paper as it does on film.
Who has time for gay marriage, activist judges, or brain-dead bulimics when you've got a real boogeyman to freak out about?
It's a whimsical journey blending comic book imagination with elements of the boogeyman.
His former sweetheart Kate and a runaway girl called Franny become embroiled in the fight between good and evil but even they may not be able to save Tim's soul from the dreaded Boogeyman.
Boogeyman (15) Young man (Barry Watson) returns to old farmhouse to confront childhood demons.
56) titled "Stop Using The Boogeyman to Sell Security.
Frame Game: How the WTO went from complete unknown to boogeyman.
From the giants of the ring, such as Undertaker and Triple H, to the high-flying Rey Mysterio and extreme Boogeyman, they all have one thing in common.
LOW-budget horror flick BOOGEYMAN (15, 89 mins), Tim (Barry Watson) is traumatised as a kid by a monster in the closet.
With a script that could've been written by a foetus, some of the worst acting I've ever seen and a plot that limps across the screen like roadkill, the only scary thing about Boogeyman is how it recently went to the top of the US box office.
In particular, he's petrified of closets, having watched his father fall victim to the bloodthirsty Boogeyman, who lurks in the darkness of every enclosed space.
Years later, she checks herself in to a mental hospital, only to find the boogeyman.