booby prize

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a prize given to one who finishes last in a contest

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9 are: Richard Houde and Mary Ann, 4,250 points; Harry and Gini Leopold, 4,370 points; Candy Goldfarb and Dan Bresler, 3,980 points; Carol Lanka and Donna Prisner, 3,750 points; and booby prize winners Carlos Castallon and John, 2010 points.
So there we have it: Gold romps home with the gold medal; a somewhat hollow victory for equities taking home the silver; and a virtual booby prize bronze medal to property.
But Danielli's pace and power made sure the Italians are now odds-on to end up with the booby prize.
But if pretensions and gobbledygook earn a booby prize, what do the Plain English folk consider truly winning writing?
In the August 6th DM Notebook, I awarded a booby prize to Sports Illustrated for a gift subscription offer which, while offering me the opportunity to give a gift, required me to renew my own sub at the "regular price" of $83.
Chief Inspector Martin Allan warned he would award a booby prize to his worst- performing bobbies.
In this piece, understanding seemed to be the booby prize.
Hardly a booby prize, Staff Mess privileges are doled out to about 100 White House workers, mostly commissioned officers to the president.
This book gives the booby prize to the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl's Jr.
The booby prize for contamination is split between catfish (PCBs and pesticides) and swordfish (mercury).
But it could turn out to be the biggest booby prize.
2 are: Elaine Sebastian and Mary Belcher, 4,570 points; Barbara Bonner and Jan Koerner, 4,115 points; Sam and Beth Gilbert, 4,100 points; Harry and Gini Leopold, 4,030 points; Richard Houde and Mary Ann Harju, 3,990 points; and booby prize to Gwen Anderson and Mary Ann Busch, 1,250 points.
SIR - The booby prize for last week's no-brainer must go to the Government Minister, who suggested that to save money, "people", presumably middle-aged women, should care for elderly relations in their own homes.
Just as difficult were the cryptic clues on the show itself, given to each team of contestants in order to guess what goodies were up for grabs and which might be the Dusty Bin booby prize.
Name the weather service that picked up a booby prize at the Plain English Campaign Awards?