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Synonyms for booby

Synonyms for booby

an ignorant or foolish person

small tropical gannet having a bright bill or bright feet or both

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Booby's windfall went into a Perpetual single company PEP.
Derek McCulloch, 23, the court was told, almost lost his left hand when he tripped the booby trap at a shed and was blasted by the device at almost point-blank range.
Booby is much older, going back to the late 16th century, when it meant dunce or nincompoop.
"The booby had been sleeping on a low-lying branch, less than a meter up the tree," the paper says.
Tan said troops were continuously scouring the barangay to clear it of booby traps and explosives.
Just over two years ago dissidents killed their first victim in their booby trap bomb campaign when they targeted PSNI officer Ronan Kerr.
-- Bird-watchers in Buffalo are buzzing over the sighting of a brown booby.
Patterns: Orange Booby, Cat Booby, Tequila Booby, Black Fritz.
who he calls The Booby: "The Booby is a South American bird.
Before mammals were introduced, Ascension Island hosted several million seabirds including two large colonies of masked booby at North and South Gannet Hills (Ashmole et al.1994).
"I'm totally flattered, like, 'You want me to be a cover girl?' I haven't made a decision, because my kids are in the booby stage (at) eight or nine (years old).
J Styles took six nice rainbows from Reedy Point on various booby patterns while B Cramner fished a Silver Invicta on a floating line in the margins to take a brace of well-conditioned trout.
The kitschy-cool (and aptly named) Booby Trap offers a more artistic take on L.A.'s lesbian nightlife.