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class consisting of all those who are considered boobs

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Mencken under the skin, bemoaning the masses of the booboisie. When I took the position at Bryant I told my mother that it was a good job, but that there was very little status associated with a position teaching American literature at a business college.
Some of the snobbery in this book, its glittering, mandarin manner (the verbal equivalent of vogueing), the desire to e'pater le (straight) bourgeois, is due perhaps to a certain preemptive defensiveness, long-suffered humiliations of the sissy grown up to take his revenge on the booboisie that tried to tell him that as a sissy he could have no life.
Mencken calling upon the "booboisie" of Baltimore to tell him what he should say and how he should say it!
Could I actually be just another William `Torysell' Thorsell, a hired prizefighter for the political booboisie?
He jeered at American sham, pretension, provincialism, and prudery, and he ridiculed organized religion, business, and the middle class (which he called the "booboisie").
Not only was Thurman fascinated by Mencken's relentless assaults on the so-called American "booboisie," but he was also attracted to the idea of the artist-iconoclast.
He excited increasing vituperation from what he called the booboisie, especially in the Bible belt, another of his neologisms.
For intellectuals who felt ashamed about this state of affairs, the booboisie served as a kind of excuse, as well as a justification for feelings of superiority.
Since his chief target was complacent middle - class values, he elicited violent retorts from those he labeled the " booboisie. " He flailed away tirelessly at Puritans, conservatives, communists, Christians, Jews, blacks, the Ku Klux Klan, and countless others, in a yeasty, exuberantly bad - tempered style.
Mencken had this decay in mind when he invented the terms "booboisie" and "Boobus Americanus." Paul Fussell's Class ridicules this rank's shallow status fixations.
despite, or because of, its hieratic esoteric irony and its reiterated note of patrician condescension." The famous basher of the 'booboisie," H.L.
Mencken, Slate's Jack Shafer reminds us that for all his many failings, the Sage of Baltimore remained a "laureate of free thinking" and a consistent critic of conformity ("Scourge of the Booboisie," page 48).
Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Mencken waxed angrily eloquent against American moral puritanism and its adherents, whom he labeled "the booboisie." By 1929, the example of Remarque's altered text of All Quiet on the Western Front, as Hemingway pointed out, gave further proof of greater intolerance in America than in England.
Under the editorship of Mencken, the periodical fast gained a reputation for Mencken's vitriolic articles directed at the American public (the "booboisie") and for Nathan's excellent theatrical criticism.