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class consisting of all those who are considered boobs

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All the beautiful subtle touches in Gaddis's evocation of his characters' lives are counterweighted by contemptuous, sledgehammering cliches about the booboisie.
His true subject is the latest manifestation of the booboisie that so exercised H.
Mencken, Slate's Jack Shafer reminds us that for all his many failings, the Sage of Baltimore remained a "laureate of free thinking" and a consistent critic of conformity ("Scourge of the Booboisie," page 48).
Mencken titled "Critic of the Booboisie," Hitchens goes further, arguing: "Populism, which is in the last instance always an illiberal style, may come tricked out as folkish emancipation.
While many of our maximum leader's mendacities have landed him in a hot tub of job-security risks, he has continued to sell both the elites and the Booboisie the incredible line that diddling employees, lying under oath, and directing a lengthy and costly government campaign to cover-up a string of falsehoods is a matter to be adjudicated not by the public or the legal authorities, but by his wife.