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Synonyms for booby

Synonyms for booby

an ignorant or foolish person

small tropical gannet having a bright bill or bright feet or both

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We document a high incidence of angel wing among Masked Boobies (Sula dacytylatra) at Clipperton Island in the eastern Pacific Ocean, comment on its etiology, and discuss some life history consequences of its occurrence.
Since that realization, the Feel Your Boobies Foundation's "Are You Doing It?
Sometimes, while squatting down to photograph boobies eye-to-eye, Darwin finches would hop on my feet, seeming more curious about me than I was about them.
The Pacific seabirds called brown boobies lay two eggs but hardly ever fledge more than one chick.
Feel Your Boobies is an extraordinary organization with a distinct mission and we are thrilled to help support their great cause.
The calls of Peruvian Boobies appears to differ (males whistle and females grunt), although the pitch intensity and amplitude of the calls is less marked than in some other booby species (Nelson 1978).
A ladder provided access to a viewing platform at treetop level, where we saw nesting boobies and frigates.
Boobies offer a great way to test for persisting effects of winning and losing conflicts, according to Hugh Drummond and Cristina Canales from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.
Last week, supporting Bowling for Boobies events were held in Philadelphia and Houston.
Mind you, the current disc, ``Hooray for Boobies,'' has a few zingers: ``A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying,'' ``The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope'' and ``The Bad Touch.
As part of the Houston event, a trip to Bowling for Boobies in Los Angeles will be awarded to the top two fundraisers.
Washington, Dec 3 (ANI): When male blue-footed boobies take a yearlong break from sex, they get a brighter shade of blue in their feet the following year, which makes them more attractive to females, says a new study.
The evening also marked the rollout of a sister Bowling for Boobies event in Philadelphia, which was held simultaneously.
The researchers compared fossilized and modern bones and DNA from specimens identified as Tasman and masked boobies.
Here we got our first view of dozens of sea lions sunning on the shore, blue-footed boobies nesting among the rocks, frigate birds in the trees.