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TV shows have been tantalizingly 'investigating' those creepy encounters on the boob tube for many years now, but factual evidence has been hard to come by.
When it wasn't gutting journalistic and aesthetic standards to appeal to the lowest common denominator, goes that line of thinking, the boob tube was enforcing a repressive status quo in the dread gray years of Eisenhower's America.
And if the thought of shorts leave you cold, the Kylie boob tube would look just as good with a loose-fitting pair of combat trousers or some cropped capri pants.
Warehouse has sport-inspired clothes in girly shapes and colours like a pink towelling boob tube dress for pounds 30.
George at Asda has a white shortsleeve hooded sweat shirt for pounds 12 and an orange boob tube with halter neck for pounds 8.
There'll be much rewinding (and fast-forwarding) at the Kunsthalle Wien's capacious new premises from October 20 to January 6, in "Tele(visions)," an examination of artists as (re)viewers and reprogrammers of the boob tube.
While there are some confusing formulas presented, they are explained through examples and leave you more informed than any talking head on the boob tube could.
But as a ruthless TV exec in EDtv, the comedian looks through the boob tube from a whole new angle.
Some cynical viewers have been so happy about the shows they watch that they sneeringly refer to the TV screen as 'the boob tube.
DRESSED in a skin-tight black boob tube and close-fitting trousers, motherhood couldn't have been further from Sophie Aldridge's thoughts.
Faye tells me the product is also available to buy in the spa shop along with Boob Tube, a popular product with breast-feeding mums as it firms up your bust and neck.
Black boob tube, pounds 8 @ Next; skirt, pounds 22 @ Dorothy Perkins; bag,pounds 20 @ Next; earrings, pounds 7.
Hair by Robert Calvin, accessories, long vest top, leggings and boob tube all from Topshop.