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Boo Boo Goo is a soothing balm that uses tea tree and other oils to soothe cuts, bug bites and boo-boos of all kinds.
Although a fair number of the supposedly genuine "bloopers, blunders, botches, and boo-boos" presented on these pages were probably penned long ago by some professional humor writer--e.g., "The American Revolution began because the English put tacks in their tea"--even the hoariest chestnuts in Lederer's collection are sure to seem fresh and new to some student who picks up one of his books and discovers for the first time that the English language can be a lot more fun than his excruciatingly dull eighth-grade English teacher may have led him to believe.
'This game will be a test of character, whichever team commits less errors will win it,' said Pascua, whose wards had 34 boo-boos compared to the 21 of the Lady Spikers in Game 1.
From high profile politicians to overexposed celebs, here are five major Twitter boo-boos that had everyone talking.
This week, Boo-Boo Cover-Up is taking it for a spin.