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The prominent bony spicule were suggestive of some mechanical stimulation to the neighbouring tissues by the elongated pterygoid hamulus eliciting pain that perhaps impaired the smooth functioning of the tensor veli palatini muscle.
On fundus examination, bilateral optic atrophy was seen with severe attenuated vessels, bony spicules and cystoid macular edema.
First Trimester Abortion: A Rare Cause of Intrauterine Bony Spicules. Case Rep Obstet Gynecol 2012; 2012: 701021.
[12] In our case hysteroscopic removal of the bony spicules and laparoscopy with adhesiolysis were successfully performed.
In some cases, however, these lesions demonstrate a radiating sunburst pattern emanating from an array of bony spicules. (9) CT facilitates preoperative diagnosis and demarcates the extent of the bony lesion.
The majority of CGCG's (87.5%) present as expansile radiolucency, either unilocular or multilocular, which is generally traversed by bony spicules.6 Definite locu- lations are often present particularly in larger lesions.
Six patients (13.6 %) had mild cataracts, 27 (65.9 %) had attenuated retinal vessels and thirty five patients (81.4 %) had bony spicules. Fifteen patients (34.1%) out of the 44 had retinitis pigmentosa as part of the Bardet-Biedl syndrome.