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Synonyms for bony

Synonyms for bony

Synonyms for bony

very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold

composed of or containing bone

having bones especially many or prominent bones



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So, I don't believe Bony will be able to play against Tottenham," he said.
And Bony reckons they are showing signs they have what it takes to stay up, even though they are just a point off the bottom of the Premier League.
The blades, called gnathal plates, looked so peculiar that most scientists thought that the three-part jaw originated in an early bony fish and that placoderms were just a side branch in the vertebrate family tree.
THE MOVE TO STOKE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FRESH START It's still early days in his Stoke career, but Bony has endured an incredibly difficult start to life with the Potters.
The defender tried to cut out a low ball from Bony meant for Aguero but succeeded only in kicking it against the Argentinian.
Bony insisted, however, that Arsenal are not a superior team to the Citizens.
With regular penalty taker Yaya Toure off the pitch, fans were hoping Bony would be given the late penalty to help restore his morale, but Kolarov is the stand-by spot-kick man.
These bony samples were washed using distilled water and analyzed in 96% ethyl alcohol with a binocular microscope at magnification of 2X.
Alejandro Pozuelo completed the scoring, but it was the partnership between Michu, last season's bargain signing, and PS12million Bony which will have most excited fans in south Wales.
Bony, signed from Vitesse Arnhem for PS12m, claimed his first goal in a Swansea shirt by glancing a 55th-minute header into the far corner from a Wayne Routledge cross.
Bony has penned a four-year deal at the Liberty Stadium, joining the League Cup winners for [pounds sterling]12m to become Michael Laudrup's seventh signing of the summer transfer window.
New research on Acanthodes bronni, a fish from the Paleozoic era, sheds light on the evolution of the earliest jawed vertebrates and offers a new glimpse of the last common ancestor before the split between the earliest sharks and the first bony fishes - the lineage that would eventually include human beings.
All three were found to have mild or moderate conductive hearing loss due to fixation of the head of the stapes by a bony bar that extended from the head of the stapes to the posterior ear canal wall.
MUSCAT: The duo of Bony and Girish defeated Paul and Joseph (2-1) in an exiting final to lift the one day Pocari Sweat Cup in the men doubles badminton competition, held at the Royal Hospital Indoor Stadium on Friday.
3 : having bones and especially large or noticeable bones <a bony fish> <bony hands>