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Here these razor-sharp bons mots are turned back against a fanatically homogenous and militarized culture, both that of 1965 and our own, by a cadre of outsiders with nothing to lose by their defiance.
Our technology-laden culture encourages the rapid-fire exchange of retorts and bons mots. There is precious little time allotted for educated, contemplative, and articulate discussion.
Entertaining as it undoubtedly was, with 'our man for havanas' dropping bons mots all over the place like ash from his cigars, one has to say that, as discreet coups go, this one was more John Prescott than Sir Mark.
You've got to come up with some actual bons mots, making sure they are as bons as possible.
Besides students lapping up practical and creative bons mots from Gallic elder craftsmen and women, the program gives the directors a chance to talk about what it's like to work outside Hollywood.
regales us with bons mots from a plethora of other philosophers, artists, and spiritual writers, to the same end.
Indeed, this is not the sort of conversation you'd normally expect to share with Vaughan, the master of throw-away bons mots and savage put-downers.
Her recent bons mots include, "Are those love handles, or are you growing wings?"
Hylas becomes a comic hero for La Fontaine through his bons mots, his subversive manipulations of both speech and text.