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Synonyms for bon mot



Synonyms for bon mot

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As with so many of these bons mots, this one contains more than a grain of truth.
And even Findlay's co-owner Paul Barber, the mouse-quiet country gent, has thrown a few bons mots into the mix this week.
Levi-Strauss fait abondamment usage de contrastes comme << opposition >> et << inversion >> ; il utilise des oxymorons et des paradoxes, des hybridations, des desarticulations, des metaphores, des alliterations ainsi que des expressions stylistiques personnelles et d'une serie de ce que l'auteur appelle des bons mots qui sont des formules percutantes relatives au sujet traite.
But less than five months have passed between Gibson's spouting of tequila-fueled bons mots on the dread power of the Hebrews and his basking in the glow of a No.
Entertaining as it undoubtedly was, with 'our man for havanas' dropping bons mots all over the place like ash from his cigars, one has to say that, as discreet coups go, this one was more John Prescott than Sir Mark.
You've got to come up with some actual bons mots, making sure they are as bons as possible.
Besides students lapping up practical and creative bons mots from Gallic elder craftsmen and women, the program gives the directors a chance to talk about what it's like to work outside Hollywood.
regales us with bons mots from a plethora of other philosophers, artists, and spiritual writers, to the same end.
Her recent bons mots include, "Are those love handles, or are you growing wings?