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Synonyms for bon mot

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You've got to come up with some actual bons mots, making sure they are as bons as possible.
regales us with bons mots from a plethora of other philosophers, artists, and spiritual writers, to the same end.
Indeed, this is not the sort of conversation you'd normally expect to share with Vaughan, the master of throw-away bons mots and savage put-downers.
Her recent bons mots include, "Are those love handles, or are you growing wings?
Du Bellay, 5:168, 345-52: "J'avois au lict cent mille gaillardises, / Mille bons mots & mile mignardises: / De bien baler on me donnoit le pris, / J'avoy du luth moyenement appris, / Et quelque peu entendoy la musique: / Quant la voix, je l'avois angelique, / Et ne se fust nul autre peu vanter / De scavoir mieux le Petrarque chanter" (I had in bed a hundred thousand ruses, / A thousand little words and a thousand caresses; / They praised me for my repartee; / I had learned to play the lute well, / And knew something of music; / As for my voice, it was angelic, / And there was no-one who could claim / To sing Petrarch better than I).
She also wrote down not only his exercises but his bons mots, and she believed unquestioningly in his approach to work and to life in general.
Hallberg Hallmundsson's Vandroedhur: Visur handa stalpudhum krokkum tiu til hundradh ara (Trouble: Verses for Stalwart Youths from Ten to One Hundred) is a short collection of one-stanza poems, epigrams, and bons mots, built on wordplay and word games.
Lurking behind these well-intended bons mots is a serious purpose, the reform of American sociologists, especially those who hang around with neoclassical economists like the dreaded Becker.
OK, sure, these aren't exactly bons mots from the mouth of Alistair Cooke.
After Deaver repeated to Reagan bons mots exchanged between Lillian Hellman and Joe Alsop, the boss slapped him down by reminding him that Hellman "still thinks Joe Stalin is great.
DOWN the years, I have enjoyed reading the bons mots on my annual calendar and they have been a source of inspiration.
It must be great to have an amusing friend like me, always ready to dispense waggish wit and bouncy bons mots.
Truman Capote cut a florid figure late in life, offering up sharp-tongued bons mots on TV talk shows and generally spending more time in the gossip pages than at his work.
Entertaining as it undoubtedly was, with 'our man for havanas' dropping bons mots all over the place like ash from his cigars, one has to say that, as discreet coups go, this one was more John Prescott than Sir Mark.