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Bonk. Its title reflects the missional witness for which he is well known: hospitality, humility, and hope.
For Jonathan Bonk, it was as the son of Charles and Marion Bonk, born on February 19, 1945, in Wolseley, a small town in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada.
It is hard to imagine Jonathan Bonk without his wife and partner in hospitality, Jean (born Jeanette Diane Patterson).
The Bonk family influence, however, extends much, much wider--as the tributes on pages 208-9 testify.
LAMBOURN was yesterday mourning the loss of one of its best known and popular figures following the sudden death of Virginia 'Bonk' Walwyn, 76, wife of former champion Flat trainer Peter Walwyn.
Peter Walwyn said: "Bonk was the most wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.
i've known Bonk and Pete for as long as i can remember.
Jilly Cooper, of Riders fame for example used to average one bonk every 60 pages when she penned her first version of lip-smacking lit.
More than three years ago, I left OMSC with abundant blessings from the Bonks, with renewed confidence to plant myself in a new place, where God could guide me to find my roots in this world, where I could restart my service, where I could look forward to the future.
Likewise, little did I know that meeting Jonathan Bonk was the beginning of my preparation for pastoral ministry in a multicultural setting.
Jonathan Bonk's sensitivity to and respect for diverse cultural realities, his openness and appreciation for the smallest personal details, had a huge impact on my life.