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She thought she wanted to spend her life with Garry (she married him the day after bonking Beppe di Marco) then thought she'd give Jason another chance (and bonked him a few times) then decided to stick with Garry who, quite frankly, is about as sexy as a grandpa's slipper.
Adding to the crazy experience will be authentic Three Stooges voices, sound effects and slapstick maneuvers such as head bonking and slapping.
Despite his advancing years, Elton's voice holds up - although he wisely avoids the high notes - even if a between-tunes gag about bonking his piano prompts a tumbleweed moment.
People were bonking all over the BBC" - Actress Louise Jameson recalls the 1970s when she was a star in Dr Who.
So the orgies of shameless boozing and unprotected bonking The People discovered on Bulgaria's Black Sea should give us all cause for concern.
Ye Gods, if you're glued to the screen in the hope of seeing two show-offs bonking under a duvet, your life must be duller than ditchwater.
So let's take a bonkbusting look at this week's stories to see if I can beat the bonking writers at their own game.
Bugs takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque (of course) and ends up traipsing by time machine through world history, collecting clocks and golden carrots and dodging, bonking and booting the usual raft of Looney bad guys.
Well, Carry On Bonking, I suppose, but I can't say the Viagra Recession has done much for me, yet.
All the old faces from last year's first run of the sitcom are back, plus one or two new ones, and even posh pair Kate and Martin (Abigail Cruttenden and Nicholas Burns) who would rather be anywhere but Benidorm find themselves back in the same hotel with the same hoi polloi after a booking mix-up - their preferred room being full of bonking swingers.
A LOT of men enjoy their partners dressing up for sex but that doesn't stop them bonking in the nuddie as well.
Maybe I feel like this because I'm becoming an old man - I'm too old for the bonking, too posh to be a Dingle
He sets her down safely on the grass and then springs skyward, bonking his head on a beam (surprise) on the way back to the platform.
ARGENTINA have been told to carry on bonking in the World Cup finals.
Nice big bow tied round all the spite, the lies, the bonking the best man while dad was dying.