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But this week, actor Ricky Groves has been brilliant portraying the greasy mechanic who has just discovered wife Lynne has been bonking the man who jilted her at the altar a few years ago.
According to American Running Editorial Board Member Jack Daniels, Ph.D., proper pacing during a marathon results in a lower percentage of glycogen being used as fuel and can double the distance available to you without hitting the wall or bonking. Going faster than you should raises the demand on glycogen stores and leads to trouble.
Despite his advancing years, Elton's voice holds up - although he wisely avoids the high notes - even if a between-tunes gag about bonking his piano prompts a tumbleweed moment.
People were bonking all over the BBC" - Actress Louise Jameson recalls the 1970s when she was a star in Dr Who.
But Grace - banned from bonking in the house by her mum - giggled: "No way.
Ye Gods, if you're glued to the screen in the hope of seeing two show-offs bonking under a duvet, your life must be duller than ditchwater.
So let's take a bonkbusting look at this week's stories to see if I can beat the bonking writers at their own game.
Makes you think that bonking Bill Clinton was a genius - when his trousers were firmly zipped up.
Well, Carry On Bonking, I suppose, but I can't say the Viagra Recession has done much for me, yet.
Now we're faced with the most incomprehensible revelation of all - Hugh Hefner is bored of bonking.
Bass, famous for bonking naff boyfriend Stuart Wilson in the BB house, nattered non-stop to X Factor star Steve Brookstein and any celebrity who cared to listen about the pressures of being a "reality TV star".
Tell him quickies are fine once in a while, but you don't like the idea of bonking on the balcony.
Maybe I feel like this because I'm becoming an old man - I'm too old for the bonking, too posh to be a Dingle!
ARGENTINA have been told to carry on bonking in the World Cup finals.
And as we say so long to BB5, there is one burning question unanswered: How will BB6 top an anarchist, a bonking bunny boiler and a screaming nicotine-addicted Portuguese transsexual?