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A source said: "A few months ago, no-one would have thought of teenagers bonking on The Street.
Another member of staff said: "This bonking session was the talk of the place when just a few nights later another couple were at it on the ground.
This is the fourth year he's done his bit for bonking.
But a closer look reveals the unsavoury images of a couple having sex in the bushes in the background and two dogs bonking next to the maid.
But the scandal of bonking Bishop Roderick Wright is only the tip of the iceberg.
BONKING Boris is set to take on Red Ken to become Mayor of London, it was revealed yesterday.
They'd been alerted by other hotel guests shocked by the mass bonking session.
And the Irish seem to prefer bonking one another rather than having fun with foreigners.
Is romping the same as bonking, or akin to mutual masturbation?
It's a tale of love, families, bonking in the back porch and all sorts of awfully frightful situations one encounters on a weekend shooting with one's cohorts in the valleys.
Some contestants will be forced to share beds in the hope that they can get some bonking on the show.
The bonking advice to clergy was issued by the normally-stuffy Church of England yesterday.
A noisy bonking couple have been ordered to have sex - in front of a court.