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Synonyms for bonito

flesh of mostly Pacific food fishes of the genus Sarda of the family Scombridae

fish whose flesh is dried and flaked for Japanese cookery

any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas

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Florida coastal anglers know that summer is the season of the bonito. Or at least what most of us refer to as the bonito.
That would be our bonito. You might be trolling, you might be jigging, you may be bottom fishing for snapper and such.
He eyes your bonito and pronounces it a "false albacore"--or "albie," for short.
In fact, the size and shape of its teeth identifies the Dogtooth as actually being a giant bonito rather than a true tuna.
Much of the evidence for these issues is anecdotal, but nevertheless warrants a specific research program to investigate the life cycle of this unusual giant bonito and effects of fishing on its stocks.
The undefeated sharp-shooting aces ended the league with a total of 35 points, five ahead of league runners-up Joga Bonito.
"Well done to all -- RCSI, Eastern Flames, Joga Bonito, Arsenal Dial Square, Woolwich Arsenal, Royal Arsenal and St Christopher's Seniors'."
The first time I live chummed offshore I had my angler standing beside me with a fly in the water waiting for a fish to cast at, only to have a 15-pound bonito make an arrival that just about ripped the rod out of his hand.
Maybe 20 mostly dead pilchards were in the water when I saw the flash of a bonito.
The recent plunge in bonito prices worldwide is dealing a severe blow to Japanese fishermen, prompting them to call for an import curb on cheaper bonitos from abroad, industry officials said Wednesday.
But falling prices are encouraging Japanese consumers to eat more bonitos, boosting their consumption in the first half of this year by 20% from a year earlier, they said.
Glass minnows give way to hordes of Spanish mackerel, which are then joined by bonito, ladyfish and hard tails.
Spanish are pretty easy to catch, once you have located them, and they are sure to be joined by the aforementioned stragglers of ladyfish, hard tails and bonito. You can cruise down the beach in search of boiling water or better yet, keep your eyes peeled upward, for gulls and terns to be circling and crashing the water.