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Synonyms for bonito

flesh of mostly Pacific food fishes of the genus Sarda of the family Scombridae

fish whose flesh is dried and flaked for Japanese cookery

any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas

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"Bonito" refers to a medium-sized predatory fish that's in the Scombridae family, like mackerel and tuna.
(*) If you don't grow shishito peppers and shiso, find them at farmers' markets and (along with bonito flakes) at Asian grocery stores.
Researches undertaken in Bonito District have reported natural infection by Leishmania in sandflies and dogs in both rural and urban areas (NUNES et al., 2001; 2008; GALATI et al., 2006; SAVANI et al., 2009, ANDRADE et al., 2009; BRILHANTE et al., 2015b), and a moderate incidence of the disease in both human and canine populations (ANDRADE et al., 2009; MATO GROSSO DO SUL, 2014).
Inicialmente, foram coletados cachos de inaja em duas areas de sistemas silvipastoris, resultantes da associacao de individuos adultos de inaja, oriundos de regeneracao natural, com a Brachiaria brizantha (Rendle) Schweickc (braquiarao) e a criacao de animais bovinos, estabelecidas em Bonito (01[degrees]21'48" S e 47[degrees]18'21" W) e Nova Timboteua (01[degrees]12'17" S e 47[degrees]23'20" W), ambos no estado do Para, Amazonia, Brasil.
Florida coastal anglers know that summer is the season of the bonito. Or at least what most of us refer to as the bonito.
Os terrenos eram de pessima qualidade para o cultivo, e houve uma migracao espontanea de algumas familias para a serra do Rio Macae, que hoje e pontuada por varias cidades e pequeninas vilas, como Lumiar, Sao Pedro da Serra, Aldeia Velha, Macae de Cima, Benfica, Galdinopolis e Rio Bonito de Cima.
Tomas encounters his dream journey when he is out riding his horse, Bonito, in the jungle.
The Pueblo Bonito Mounds of Chaco Canyon: Material Culture and Fauna
The Atlantic Bonito tuna, which has been nicknamed "Trefor" after being caught off the village of the same name, is normally found in the Mediterranean and as far afield as Mexico.
There's also a really good juvenile race in France where you'll have a chance to see probably the best in Europe in Bonito Du Berlais.
In fact, the size and shape of its teeth identifies the Dogtooth as actually being a giant bonito rather than a true tuna.
Winning fishermen, who were divided into boat and shore categories, included Beauregard (34.63-pound striped bass, shore), Daniel Hiemer (19.69-pound bluefish, boat), Ralph Peckham (15.18-pound bluefish, shore), Stephen Pietruska (39.94-pound striped bass, boat), Bob Clay (11.49-pound bonito, boat), Cooper Gilkes (6.58-pound bonito, shore), Sam Bell (13.24-pound albacore, boat) and Bill Hansen (13.1-pound albacore, shore).