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Synonyms for boniness

extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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It was comfortable up on his back despite the boniness, and exciting to be so far off the ground.
They disregarded its boniness and reveled in its marvelous flavor.
There is a satisfactory boniness about grammar which the flesh of sheer vocabulary requires before it can become a vertebrate and walk the earth.
When they turned, one of the boys cut slowly across in front of them, and the paleness of his face and the humped boniness of his back made Henry think of milk out of a barn a long time ago, and both boys rode close to the windows and said something as the car drove in along the lane.
comes and wraps her boniness around her step-grandmother, smashes her face stomach-high.
Lit from below to stress his haunted boniness, the portrait insists on his fragility and neurasthenia (Oslo Nationalgalleriet, 1895).