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extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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In addition, repetitions at both clausal and phrasal levels in the third line of each stanza, as "one of the characteristics of highly emotional language" (Corbett and Connors 392), powerfully enhance the poem's thematic cohesion and add to its force of "boniness." At clausal level, the reader could be easily be affected by the repetitions of "there's no place for us," "We cannot go there now," "But where shall we go to-day," and so on (Auden, Another Time 98).
It was comfortable up on his back despite the boniness, and exciting to be so far off the ground.
They disregarded its boniness and reveled in its marvelous flavor.
"There is a satisfactory boniness about grammar which the flesh of sheer vocabulary requires before it can become a vertebrate and walk the earth." --Anthony Burgess
I remembered their boniness. The second was of glancing upward at the same time and seeing the interlacing cables of a tall bridge.
When they turned, one of the boys cut slowly across in front of them, and the paleness of his face and the humped boniness of his back made Henry think of milk out of a barn a long time ago, and both boys rode close to the windows and said something as the car drove in along the lane.
But seven-year-old Zelda ("Aren't you tempting fate?" Simone asked, and Lizbett said, "I'm re-vising it.") comes and wraps her boniness around her step-grandmother, smashes her face stomach-high.
Lit from below to stress his haunted boniness, the portrait insists on his fragility and neurasthenia (Oslo Nationalgalleriet, 1895).
The art I made in the eighteen months after arriving in Alice Springs was surrealist, symbolic images about the tensions I had felt in coming to terms with the land's somnambulant boniness. The lavenders, oranges and pinks of the land were foreign to my palette.