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Synonyms for bong

to give forth or cause to give forth a clear, resonant sound

Words related to bong

a dull resonant sound as of a bell

Related Words

ring loudly and deeply

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How can you send Chinese and Caucasian Australians to jail for selling and displaying bongs and then exempt Lebanese and Egyptian Australians from selling and displaying their version of a bong?
The Bongs developed the business with the premise that Oregon would be testing high-schoolers for foreign language skills as part of the requirements to earn a Certificate of Initial Mastery, or CIM.
Sutton allegedly replied that he had been smoking and collecting the pipes and bongs for "a long time.
Deborah Kings, who runs the Spirit of the Age store in Byram Arcade, Huddersfield, was told to stop selling the bongs because they were not on the stock list on her tenancy agreement.
Finally,in this fanciful dictionary,Little Bongs could only be a play-school and creche for the children of people who smoke marijuana.
He took a printout to the shopkeeper, who does not wish to be named, and showed him the section where it said bongs have been made illegal to stop people using them to smoke drugs.
London, Feb 10 (ANI): Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has admitted that smoking a bong was a 'bad decision' because it has disappointed her fans.
Police also found several bongs, including one made out of a gas mask and an empty water bottle.
Two Eugene glass artists arrested in February in the nationwide Operation Pipe Dreams bust each pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal charge related to Internet sales of their glass pipes and bongs.
And the news will still be introduced by News at Ten's trademark bongs as Trevor McDonald announces the day's headlines.
The financing of the acquisition is initially funded by means generated by Bongs sales of property in Kristianstad and Nybro.
The celebrity website stated that sources close to Cyrus told the video was shot by one of Cyrus' friends but the substance was not marijuana, which is typically smoked in bongs.
A ``head shop'' selling bongs, drug paraphernalia and pro-marijuana T-shirts just opened directly across the street from the front entrance to Fairfax High School.
The three experts wore ear defenders to block out the deafening sound of the bongs of the Big Ben bell.
SANTA CLARITA - The city Planning Commission has endorsed an ordinance that would require new stores to get special permits if they stock bongs, water pipes or other tobacco paraphernalia.