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Synonyms for bongo

a small drum

large forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns

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However, Agence France-Presse reported that it is unclear if the Nice villa is still under the ownership of the Bongo family or some other entity.
According to a report in Cameroonian media, the Bongo family owned (or currently own) no less than 39 residences across France, including Paris.
Just as in the original game, up to four players beat the bongos and clap their hands in time to the music; the player with the best rhythm wins the round.
The bongo breakout was not reported at the time because of the unusual way the animals were trapped again.
He said: "I got a phone call that a bongo had been spotted near Antrim Road, so I went for a look round but couldn't see anything.
In addition, the Miami International Wine Fair will offer pre and post events including the Welcome Reception and Dinner on Wednesday, October 1st; and Brunch on the Beach at the National Hotel on South Beach, prepared by Tamara Restaurant's Executive Chef Greg McDaniel, and Awards Ceremony and Dinner at Bongos benefiting Intervida and sponsored by AMOR 107.
Zoo keeper Sara Millband said: "Bill has come to us at Folly Farm to help free up space at Marwell Zoo, so that they can try to breed more bongos.
However, in the fall of 2006, it was confirmed that at least one group of the repatriated bongos have survived in a remote area.
Bongos are extinct in the wild - their numbers lost to agriculture and hunting.
BEAT your bongos in time and you might get thrown a banana
Rating: *** nyone who took a chance on the first Donkey Konga probably now has a set of bongos that look like they've been well and truly through the mill.
Matthew, who was once arrested for playing his bongos too loud, is getting his Spanish lover in on the act.
With Bongos, Lapiduss delivers the one-liners herself, not to mention torch songs, Las Vegas-style dances, and a perfectly pitched imitation of Joan Rivers playing JonBenet Ramsey's mother in a TV movie.
In Kenya, zoo researchers have implanted embryos from bongos, a rare antelope, into the more common eland.