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Synonyms for bongo

a small drum

large forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns

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But Bongo has lost legitimacy and will face an unruly labor environment for his next term," referring to possible strikes.
However, Agence France-Presse reported that it is unclear if the Nice villa is still under the ownership of the Bongo family or some other entity.
Curators said they hope to bring another bongo to the zoo for Nicole, probably another female, and Willy could be moved to another part of the zoo with other hogs.
Such a simple play style draws you in immediately and in no time you're collecting coins, out bongo-ing a mate or simply jamming with four sets of bongos.
Then, pick children to play the bongos who are doing creative movements using the large muscles of the body.
There is no question of the students attempting to enter the main bongo habitat.
The two-year-old bongo antelope, named Bill by staff at Folly Farm, is the largest forest antelope.
Gloria Estefan took the witness stand to testify in the battle of the Bongos.
Get physical with Donkey Kong(R) Jungle Beat(TM), made exclusively for Nintendo GameCube(TM), by using a pair of bongos to control the game action.
Zoo staff hunted the bongos with blow pipes and rifles loaded with an aesthetic darts but couldn't find the runaways.
It was not until the 1940s that metal tuning lugs were designed to ease the tuning of the bongos.
This is particularly true of percussionist Jack Costanzo, who literally introduced bongos to American music.