bongo drum

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a small drum


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GOOD news: two teenagers were rescued off Brighton beach after setting out to sea in a dinghy with a bongo drum "to entertain sunbathers".
A television camera caught him with a cigar in his mouth and pounding a bongo drum in his hotel room after the ruling.
THIS game was originally designed for the Gamecube and its bongo drum peripheral, but Nintendo canned the Cube and the game has resurfaced on the Wii.
#Donkey Konga (Nintendo Gamecube): A rhythm and beat controlled with a bongo drum controller for up to four players.
And when he clapped eyes on a bongo drum he couldn't resist having a go.
And for contrast, we sent out four people who didn't know a banjo from a bongo drum! Here's how they fared in their 90 minutes of stardom .
Heartbeat is a duet between lead dancer Roisin Turley-Gibbons and a bongo drum.
The demonstration, which finished in front of the Duomo cathedral, had a festival mood with bongo drums, trumpets and DJ music.
Wonder why the candidate's team has not created a jingle played to the beat of bongo drums.
Bata drummers now perform alongside other 'foreign' instruments like western 'Conga and Bongo drums sequenced drums' thereby assimilating Bata drums into other ensemble.
Richard Feynman, the Nobel Laureate, would play bongo drums, presumably for much the same relief from high cognitive output.
Similarly, campground characters include a group of "Stanitors," led by a financial guru/outdoor enthusiast named Stan, who believe their movement is the key to "Stanity." Bongo drums, howling at the moon, and drinking Lake Water Wowies heavy on gin feature prominently in their get-together.
Well, let me tell you, I'm as hard to play as a Stradivarius and you lot, I can assure you, are as easy to play as bongo drums."
This red, rainforest green and tan custom play system comes complete with an ADA transfer station, two curve slides, a double bed-way slide, deck-to-deck side climber, cyclone climber, arch bridge, deep rung arch climber, end access ladder, overhead wheels, lily pads, double bongo drums and bench panel.