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Synonyms for bongo

a small drum

large forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns

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However, despite a dominant party system and its legacy of authoritarianism, Bongo junior might not be able to stick to power for as long as his father.
At the time, lawyers said: "Club Bongo is an extremely well-known and popular venue which is as much a part of the town as the Transporter Bridge and the chicken parmo.
Bongo International s end-to-end cross border enablement capabilities will greatly enhance the FedEx portfolio of global e-commerce solutions and provide customers with unmatched flexibility to establish and expand their international business and customer base.
According to the company Bongo International's technology and processes provide an integrated "end-to-end" solution that helps retailers and e-tailers grow by reaching international e-commerce consumers.
In our latest update to the BONFIG, we provide insight into the future trajectory of Bongo Bongo inflation, which may determine whether the RBB will be able to maintain its present monetary policy stance.
Bingo Bango Bongo gives weaker players a chance to earn points because what matters is being first at something.
to sign the partnership deal agreement with President Bongo.
Urn Bongo sales are growing at 383 percent year on year.
Tanzania is also the home of Bongo Flava, a genre of pop fusion that includes rap and R&B sung primarily in Swahili.
A VILLAGE mayor shocked a carnival crowd when he said profits would not go to "Bongo Bongo Land".
His reference to Bongo Bongo land and the foreign aid that is sent there has thrown some light on the use, or rather misuse, of British taxpayers' money.
Anyway, Bongo is on everyone's lips at the moment - or so the BBC would have us believe - ever since big-mouthed UKIP MEP for Yorkshire Godfrey Bloom railed against Britain donating billions in aid to "Bongo Bongo Land".
A UK Independence Party Euro MP has been rebuked for complaining about the provision of taxpayer-funded aid to "bongo bongo land".
A SENIOR Ukip politician has been caught on camera saying Britain should not send aid to "bongo bongo land".
The UK Independence Party Euro MP who said Britain should not send aid to "bongo bongo land" said he sincerely regrets "any genuine offence which might have been caused".