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Synonyms for bongo

a small drum

large forest antelope of central Africa having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spiral horns

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Diminue depuis son Accident vasculo celebral (AVC) survenu en Arabie Saoudite en octobre 2018, Ali Bongo Ondimba a du sejourner pendant de longs mois a l'etranger avec quelque apparitions au Gabon, force de prouver qu'il dirigeait encore le pays.
One user posted a screenshot of the email she received from Bongo's Bingo cancelling her tickets and said: "Beware anyone buying tickets for bingo at Content, as Bongo's Bingo have oversold on the tickets and are cancelling them and issuing refunds!" However, others were keen to defend Bongo's Bingo and agreed with the team's decision over numbers.
The bongo can reach a speed of 69 km per hour, when it needs to escape from predators.
A spokesman said: "There is nothing like Bongo's Bingo.
He was determined to open a nightclub of his own where everyone was welcome, and soon after the Bongo was born.
Gabon is one of Africa's top oil producers, France's closest allyin the region, and has been ruled for more than 50 years by the Bongo family.Ali Bongo succeeded his father, Omar, who died in 2009.
In a radio message, Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang, who described himself as an officer in the Republican Guard, said Bongo's New Year's Eve address "reinforced doubts about the president's ability to continue to carry out of the responsibilities of his office".
Bongo was re-elected in 2016 as the President of Gabon with narrow margins of votes in a poll marred by violent protests and fraud.
The secretive bongo is the great prize of the African forest It is extremely elusive but fairly common in much of its range.
Of these, three feature hip-hop favourites Blazin' Squad, who promise to bring a whole new dimension to the Bongo's Bingo experience.
Gabonese are questioning the validity of their government's narrative over the health of President Ali Bongo who was reportedly hospitalized three weeks ago in Saudi Arabia after suffering an illness.
figure By CIUGU MWAGIRU Following elections in Gabon and Cameroon last weekend, it has become clear that the two countries have several things in common.The polls were expected to prolong unpopular and unstable regimes of Ali Bongo and Paul Biya respectively.
Local one-man act Bongo Jak is ready to bring it on with the release of his first full album, "Rage Issue No.
The lowland bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus eurycerus) was spotted on the zoo's motion-sensor camera traps in the lowland rainforests of the Semuliki National Park in the south west of the country where it borders the Democratic Republic of Congo.