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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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Hundreds of men and youths trundling wheelbarrows, handcarts, broken-down prams, boneshaker bicycles, and grocers' two-wheeled trolleys along a single-track railway, tearing a way through a wilderness of gorse bushes and tangled undergrowth, climbing an endlessly winding country lane until at last Mecca was reached.
by the Bay: Historic Historic Boneshakers Asolo Theatr Asolo 7:30 pm Join Theatr Hermitage contemparary Artist art Bernard enthusiats Rand for the premiere of a new season of Art 21 Free with advance reservations 941036007399 22 5:00-8:00 23 6:00 pm - 24 pm Art After 11:00 pm 5 7:00 pm First Annual seeing RED Wine Walk to Waiting for benefit the the Curtain Ringling Museum 29 5:00-8:00 30 Rubens 31 Rubens pm Art After Symposium Symposium 5 8:00 pm Sanford 2:00 pm & RED Biggers opens 8:00 pm RED (Preciew) 8:00 pm RED (Histiric (Histiric (Histiric Asolo Asolo Asolo Theater) Theater) Theater)
For how much longer are we going to be saddled with the present ageing, poorly maintained, infrequent, boneshakers? All Arriva's attempts to increase bus usage will be of no avail unless the situation improves.
Debunking a myth that Leonardo da Vinci envisioned the first bike the entry spins along through various inventive triumphs and mishaps including a bunch of funny names such as "velocipede" for the 1817 version the metal-wheeled "boneshakers" of Frenchman Pierre Michaux in 1861 and English "penny farthings" so named because these they had a big wheel in front (the farthing) and a little wheel (the penny) in the back.
Examples of boneshakers and penny-farthings can be seen at Coventry Transport Museum in Millennium Place, in the city centre.
Two things, though: Boneshakers has closed, but a new nightspot, Club Detour at 227 W.
The latest story goes that thousands of drivers across the country aren't happy with their boneshakers.
"Without a proper suspension seat even the new buses are boneshakers for drivers."
The festival, a fund-raiser for the North Bend Firefighters' Association, will be headlined by the Boneshakers. Former adult movie star Candye Kane will sing blues classics, and the Reverend Billy C.
Did you know that when bicycles became common in the mid-1800s, they were called "boneshakers"?
Gentlemen rode two-wheeled vehicles, at various times called "boneshakers," "velocipedes" and finally "bicycles." The contraptions were awkward, with wooden wheels and "saddles," and no brakes or pedals.
But while you feel an affinity with the road, the Spider is not like the boneshakers of the 1960s - I was surprised at how smooth the ride felt as I fired along potholed country roads.
The exhibition will feature penny farthings and boneshakers from the 19th Century alongside bikes from every decade throughout the 20th century and contemporary carbon fibre racing bikes used in the Tour.
Bands already booked to appear include Boneshakers, The Last Fakers, Ladykillers and The Dust Town Dogs, named after Consett's infamous red dust which coated the town's buildings when the massive steelworks was in production.