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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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Two things, though: Boneshakers has closed, but a new nightspot, Club Detour at 227 W.
The latest story goes that thousands of drivers across the country aren't happy with their boneshakers.
Without a proper suspension seat even the new buses are boneshakers for drivers.
The festival, a fund-raiser for the North Bend Firefighters' Association, will be headlined by the Boneshakers.
Now, after recording with Orquestra Was, Seal, Bruce Hornsby, Tears for Fears, Bonnie Raitt, Paula Abdul and Was (Not Was), Jacobs has his solo project - the Boneshakers, with longtime friend and ex-autoworker Sweet Pea Atkinson on vocals.
The opening night blues bash will include headline entertainment, the Robert Cray Band, John Lee Hooker, and Virgin Record features artists, the Boneshakers.
The exhibition will feature penny farthings and boneshakers from the 19th Century alongside bikes from every decade throughout the 20th century and contemporary carbon fibre racing bikes used in the Tour.
Bands already booked to appear include Boneshakers, The Last Fakers, Ladykillers and The Dust Town Dogs, named after Consett's infamous red dust which coated the town's buildings when the massive steelworks was in production.
The Boneshakers will entertain and libations will flow as we celebrate our colony in a night of fun, fashion and frivolity.
They poured into the town centre from all the outlying districts, one Rumney bike shop owner so overcome that he lent passers-by his boneshakers to give 'em a head start to town.
Vince Ray, and the Boneshakers Summary The infamous burlesque club is a must for anyone daring enough to leave their inhibitions at the door.
The Clark family business in Temple Street ran the full gauntlet from boneshakers to tricycles, ordinaries (generally known as penny-farthings) and safety bicycles.
Can we still hope some money will be used to upgrade the boneshakers we're currently travelling on?