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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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Ribs ached from the steel frames that dug into them as the boneshakers were trundled downhill at an angle of sixty degrees.
It was called the boneshaker because of the way it shook the rider as he rode on bumpy cobblestone streets.
Oakes adds, "We will continue to do some projects elsewhere--we're developing 'The Abominable Snowman,' which is set in Nepal, and we're developing 'Boneshaker' with Cross Creek in America.
It is likely that Ernest Michaux, elder son of coach builder Pierre Michaux, applied this type of crank-driven front wheel to an old draisine, thus creating the first pedal-driven velocipede, which would become known as the "boneshaker" in Britain.
The book Boneshaker by Cherie Priest is listed, but the book is actually The Boneshaker by Kate Milford.
Boneshaker, captained by Scott Fawcett, won the 2011 Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship.
Only when the Sport button is engaged do you really feel a difference as the steering weights up, the throttle response sharpens and the electric motor gives more assistance.The CR-Z really impresses in this mode and is an enjoyable car to drive, though you really feel the stiff chassis on uneven roads - it's a real boneshaker.
The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association's short list of the best 2009 books written by Northwest authors includes: "Boneshaker" by Cherie Priest of Seattle; "The Crying Tree" by Naseem Rakha of the Willamette Valley; and "The Man From Kinvara: Selected Stories" by Tess Gallagher of Port Angeles, Wash.
They have a boneshaker, a penny-farthing and a 'modern bike'.; MAN POWER: Charles Morse arrives in Fairford under his own steam in 1873; ON THEIR BIKE: the Thornton sisters set off on a tricycle made for two.
After that boneshaker, I was back in the hands of the local tourist authority guide, who suggested a far more sedate ride out to look at the flowers and birds.
It is more interactive, even including mock-ups of the nineteenth-century Hobby Horse, Boneshaker and Penny Farthing, on which we are encouraged to sit and experience the sensation.
Despite its lowered and stiffened suspension, low profile tyres and 19in wheels the Audi is no boneshaker. It will cut through town traffic without any jarring of the teeth.
Saturday, starting at noon, the main stage features sets by Revolution-X, Shokker, BoneShaker, Endgame, R/Evolution and others, while Sunday brings some great pop-punk and indie rock from Little Lord Robert, East Avenue, Box House, The Ratigans and more.
The bus is owned by E & M Horsburgh, which has been accused by parents of putting boneshaker buses on the road.
Dandy horse and boneshaker were early names for which mode of transport?