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someone (not necessarily a licensed physician) who sets broken bones

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Many Yemenis both in urban and rural areas believe traditional bonesetters are better than qualified orthopedic doctors.
In a 2-year prospective study, Eshete (3) found a reduction in amputation rates after a one-day instructional course offered to bonesetters in Ethiopia.
Once shunned as witches, hypnotists, bonesetters, magnetists and herbalists are surfing on the swelling organic wave, experts say, and have gained such acceptance that many Swiss hospitals have even begun referring patients to them.
Their topics include the indigenous as a site of decolonizing knowledge for conventional development and the link with education as evinced in Africa, indigenous research and decolonizing methodologies, Western medical education and indigenous knowledges, and traditional bonesetters and health choices in northern Ghana.
Hypothesizing the existence of "magnetic ether" that flows through the solar system into the human nervous apparatus, mesmerists--like chiropractors, spiritualists, bonesetters, mind cure healers, and osteopaths--use hand gestures or "passes" to remove "obstructions" in the flow of "spirit" or "vital fluid" and restore "harmony" between the human body and the cosmos.
I descend from several generations of traditional healers (Indigenous doctors, bonesetters, herbalists and midwives.
The local clinics continue to use bonesetters, herbalists, spiritual healers, etc.
I learned a lot of new things about the Aztecs and Mayans while reading Ballplayers and Bonesetters, the latest in Annick's series that looks at the life and culture of past times through people's jobs (Archers and Alchemists for the middle ages, and Cowboys and Coffin Makers for the nineteenth century).