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someone (not necessarily a licensed physician) who sets broken bones

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With little more than wooden rulers, plasters and cotton, traditional bonesetters treat a wide range of injuries.
and informed us that the bonesetter had gone away for Christmas, so he would take us to his clinic instead.
No other bonesetter, "quack," feldsher or other non-medically qualified person ever equaled his fame.
Habibullah, a bonesetter in Kandahar City, says, "If health officials want to stop our activities, they should first test our knowledge to see whether we are indeed knowledgeable or ignorant and then take action against us.
Another diagnosis revealed that his collarbone was displaced, prompting a Michigan trip to visit a bonesetter.
Onuminya JE, Performance of a trained traditional bonesetter in primary fracture care.
When Father Leufredus is called away to London indefinitely, however, Matilda is left to serve Red Peg the Bonesetter.
M) The often malodorous and roughneck world of medieval England comes to life as an orphan girl raised in the shelter of the church begins her apprenticeship with the town bonesetter.
All patients had taken initial treatment either in the form of manipulation by any bonesetter or a trial of reduction and above elbow slab application in some private clinic and presented to us late.
No sooner had the plaster been applied than King Abdulaziz appeared and demanded that a local bonesetter be called in to splint the bones in the proper Arab manner.
A fine and highly readable novel, The Bonesetter Daughter is essentially about writing and the act of writing, what fuels it and how it is created.
Eventually, the call on his skills became so great that he became a fulltime bonesetter in 1894.
Ar waelod y label mae enw 'Richard Evans, Bonesetter, pwllheli.
The alternative healthcare practitioners included herbalists, birth attendants, spiritualists, traditional psychiatrists and bonesetters.