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fertilizer made of ground bones

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In the wake of the bonemeal ban from the Council of Ministers, the Green Party has again demanded that he quit.
But he hailed the EU ban on meat and bonemeal in animal feed - agreed in Brussels - as "an encouraging step".
In all cases, apply general fertiliser - National Growmore or blood, fish and bonemeal, and add a thick layer of mulch.
Feed the plant with bonemeal and put down a mulch around the roots to help conserve moisture in the soil.
German media reported the EU investigators found lax inspections by local authorities and negligence in handling feed containing meat and bonemeal.
The Mirror can also reveal that dozens of Irish farms are feeding meat and bonemeal to pigs and poultry.
Gardening in this odd bit of ground between houses can be a problem if the soil isn't properly prepared, so mix in plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost and a handful of bonemeal to improve fertility.
More cows became infected as they were fed meat and bonemeal feed containing contaminated tissue from other cattle.
Livestock can no longer be fed recycled meat or bonemeal.
A This problem, called bitter pit, is caused by calcium deficiency and can be improved by feeding the tree with a few handfuls of a general fertiliser (blood, fish and bonemeal or National Growmore) during mild weather in winter, then hoeing in a dressing of lime in early spring.
Paeonies can be hungry plants so, on sandy soils especially, hoe in some bonemeal around the plant in spring, taking care not damage the shoots, and mulch with compost.
An intense nine-hours of talks produced a ban on feeding meat and bonemeal to all animals, a ban on all cattle over 30 months old entering the food chain unless tested for BSE, and a ban on the use of the whole intestine in food for human consumption.
THE government paid 1p for tons of BSE-contaminated bonemeal - then spent pounds 3.5million of taxpayers' money destroying it.
Plan first then dig up the plants, dig in manure or compost, give a generous dressing of blood, fish and bonemeal and replant.
The existing ban on meat and bonemeal (MBM) feed for cattle could be extended to all other animals, including pigs, chickens and pets, and feed containing fish meal and chicken remains could be banned as well.