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Bryans collects the discarded trees, recovers the all-important 360-degree joint in each, then chops and sands these cylindrical bits of wood down to yield the desired bonelike artifact.
Syms said the cochlea can turn into hard bonelike material due to illness, disease or continuous exposure to loud noises.
After an especially rich description of marshy rotting railroad ties, Vost reflects on the benefits of not making sense of it: "Rails and bonelike ties rising into sight from beneath blankets of sand, sludge, drifting water?
In the study, researchers implanted the cells, seeded on a bonelike scaffolding, into defects that would not otherwise heal in the skulls of mice.
As for Menephtah, his wrappings were unwound in 1907 and an autopsy uncovered "large bonelike patches" in the walls of his aorta.
Osteoconductivity, may occur if a layer of bonelike mineral forms on the surface of the implant.
Installed at ceiling height and consisting of soaring strips of bent wood emerging from a small wall mount, it was partially inspired by the artist's dream of discovering bonelike forms in a murky swamp--objects that become symbols of hope in the sculpture.
A never-before-seen species of cyanobacteria loads its cells with little bonelike lumps that may act as ballast, helping anchor the beastie to surfaces in the Mexican lake where it lives.
The internal bonelike structure in cuttlefish and squid, for example, is thought to be a pared-down version of an ancestral outer molluscan shell.
To create bonelike composites, the researchers employed epoxy as the mortar between plates of hydroxyapatite, which is the predominant ceramic in bone and teeth.
When they added positively charged calcium ions to the cells, the calcium stuck and the scaffold mineralized into bonelike material.
Lian of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester and her colleagues found that when they stop the production of Cbfa1's protein, they prevent osteoblasts grown in test tubes from maturing and creating bonelike structures.
The researchers poured solutions of amino acids and nucleotides over each of three materials: a clay called montmorillonite and two porous, bonelike minerals known as illite and hydroxylapatite.